Class Notes 2013

Class Notes for November 13, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Two more books involving classmates have been reported. Jim Davis, the former history professor at Penn mentions in a note one of four books he has published titled "A Venetian Family and its Fortune, 1500-1900: The Dona and the conservation of the wealth”. Need we say that he had married the "dark-eyed lady” from Italy.

The second was brought to my attention by Bob Ober, Jr ‘58 concerning a book which Connie Sidamon-Eristoff arranged to have published shortly before his death in 1911 by his father titled "Memoirs of Colonel Prince Simon C. Sidamon-Eristoff” which describes his father’s "... escape from the maelstrom unleashed by Lenin and his resettlement .. in the U.S.”

Skip Nalen reported (and I report belatedly) that Jack Ball’s wife Ann had passed away. Skip noted that she was "... an enthusiastic reunion and mini events attendee” and will be greatly missed.

Cliff Barr reported that Bob Jiranek had gotten married on April 6th to Nan Freed and that they had come Greensboro NC to watch as Cliff competed in the swim nationals.

Frederick Alling and wife Marty are living in Marblehead MA where he says he works " and there.” His three daughters and eight grandchildren live nearby.

Sandy Zabriskie reports that he has done some work the prompt the Vermont legislature to pass a "death with dignity” law.

Finally we learned from Jay Sherrerd’s daughter Susan Sherrerd Vogel ‘86 that her son, Justin Vogel, will be a member of the Class of 2017. Justin is planning to major in Middle Eastern Studies.

REQUIESCANT - We learned from his wife Helen that Raymond McGill had died on October 23, 2004 in Baltimore. We have also learned from a death notice in the New York Times on September 20, 2013 of the death of F. Malcolm Graff, Jr.

Class Notes for October 23 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Members of the class traveled to Concord, Massachusetts for the memorial service for Richard W. Kazmaier on August 23, 2013. While Dick was known to the public primarily for his activities on the football field and in the sports world, to his classmates he was know for his friendly nature and his loyalty to the Class of 1952. Leading the ‘52 contingent at the services was current class president John "Put” Brodsky and former class president Roger McLean and his wife Latie. Joining them were Geoff and Clare Nunes, Roger and Tootsie Thomas, Leigh and Jean Smith, Chuck and Janet Hemminger, Joe and Tink Bolster, Al and Sherrie Ellis, Arnold Barnes, Anne Sherrerd and Mimi Pivirotto.

Richard Talbott reports his receiving an award from the West Virginia State Bar Association for 50 years of service and also reports on his 9 years of service as a Trustee of Davis and Elkins College. These activities together with his three children, nine grandchildren and his 58 years of marriage to Jo Ann Smith as well as his developing talent as an avid woodworker indicates that his years since Princeton have been rewarding.

At the same time Jerry Canter has made the real switch of professions from surgery to working in the investment field with Morgan Stanley. He too has a large family to keep he and his wife Dorothy fully occupied. His 4 sons - 2 doctors and 2 lawyers - are spread throughout the United States which offers prime opportunity for travel.

On the injury front Dom Telesco reports that he recently underwent knee replacement surgery while Gerry Andlinger, on the other hand, reports a recovery from his knee injury in 2010 to the extent that he has returned to skiing at his Aspen CO home.

REQUISCANT, The class has learned of the death of James A. Wright, III on May 31st in Charlottesville, VA., David C. Symons on June 2nd in Ottawa, Canada, Charles L. Saunders, Jr. on August 20th at Corrales, NM., and Thomas F. Daubert on September 10th at Melrose Park, PA.

Class Notes for October 9, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

William Knox writes about his family’s long term Princeton heritage from his grandfather Percy "Bill” Williams’97 to his granddaughter Julia Hammer ‘15. Julia is thriving and active in the Triangle Club.

Irv Cohen writes about a trip to England to visit a daughter and her family. He and his wife spend most of their time during the summer at their house on Hancock Pond in Denmark Maine. All is well with children and grandchildren.

Also received a note from Robert Stott who writes that since he had both knees replaced recently he is not traveling as much as usual. He has concluded that the person who talked of the "Golden" years was color blind!! His marriage to Heidi 29 years ago was the A-number one event in his life. He loves living in Vero Beach and because of his two back operations he has moved from golf to bridge. He sent along a photo of himself seated on elephant's elevated trunk in Thailand. That’s a first!!

Poss Parham wrote to say thanks to the Class for the publication "60 Years of Significant Events", which he labeled a remarkable piece. "Every time that I have read statements by our classmates over the years I have been progressively impressed by the universal modesty and good will - and good humor of our classmates that has shone through during our undergraduate years. I am prouder each day to be a member of 1952.” To which your Secretary says AMEN!!

Class President Put Brodsky forwards the letter from Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber '83 accepting the Class Executive Committee’s offer to become an Honorary Member of the Class of 1952. Who says we don’t work fast!

REQUIESCANT - We have learned of the death of classmates Edwin Sumpter on June 6, 2013, G. Donald Murray on July 27, 2013, Nelson Moffat on July 29, 2013, Richard W, Kazmaier on August 1, 2013 and Earl S. Moore, Jr. On August 16, 2013. Memorials will follow.

Class Notes for September 19, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

As I begin my second year as your Secretary, I am pleased to report that I have been able to share the goings on of 175 of you over the past year. So please do continue to send me reports about you and your family.

First off I want to report that one of our tennis stalwarts, Gil Bogley, advises that he is now playing what he styles as "It’sYours” doubles tennis which I suspect requires less movement from the participants but a lot of finger pointing. He also says that golf still sucks but it’s fun. Once an athlete always an athlete.

Out of the blue recently came an email from Larned B. Fowler ‘76 that reported on three members of ‘52 who were classmates of his classmate father, Larned B. "Pete” Fowler. He was stimulated to write me having seen the Memorial in the PAW for George "Fritz” Riegel. He recalled Fritz because of his close friendship with his father, and also with his uncle Ludlow S. "Skip” Fowler, also a member of ‘52, both now deceased. He also reported spending some recent quality time with another classmate, Warwick "Fuzzy” Neville, while visiting in Palm Beach Florida. A lot of news contained in one message.

A group of members of ‘52 traveled to Bryn Mawr, Pennslyvania on June 20th to attend and represent the Class at the Memorial service for our late Class President, John Clutz. Leading the contingent was our new Class President, Put Brodsky, together with George and Ellen Aman, Roger and Latie McLean, Bob Jiranek, Barry and Jean Loper, Stokes Carrigan, and George Towner together with two associates, Mrs. Sally McNeil and Mrs. Linda Kennedy. John did a great deal for our class and will be sorely missed by all who knew and worked with him.

Class Notes for July 10, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Highlight of our 61st Reunion was the presentation to outgoing University President, Shirley Tilghman, a framed picture designed by classmate Leigh Smith of the Gonfalon carried in P-rade which depicted the ‘52 Tiger and the text "We Love Shirley”. The picture was presented by Class President Put Brodsky together with former class presidents Hal Saunders and wife Carol, Steve Rogers and wife Kent, Bill Murdoch and wife Mary Murdoch, Joe Bolster and wife Tink and Annette Merle-Schmidt. Shirley once again acknowledged the impressive support given to Princeton "... by the Great Class of 1952". The following evening the following classmates joined the above for a delightful dinner hosted by the Murdochs at Windrows George Aman and Ellen, Paul Bennacerraf, Stokes Carrigan, Bud Foulke and Patricia, Robert C. Johnston and Grace, Marshall Keating and Judy Harper, Bob Lamperti and Clara, Barry Loper and Jean, Don Malehorn and Carol, and George Towner.

A report is in from our retired Past Secretary, Dan Duffield, who tells of buying a new home in North Carolina overlooking Roanoke Sound and a short distance from Manteo the site of the first English settlement in the New World.

Joe Masi, the class’s famous quarterback, is now involved with the Osher Lifelong Leaning Institute (OLLI) teaching a course on "conservatism and liberalism in America”. He teaches in three Denver locations and says "My goal is 1,000 classroom students plus expansion to an on-line audience before I check out”. I guess some of us will never retire.

REQUIESCAT - We have learned of the death of classmate, Daniel Baker, on May 19th at Ruxton, Maryland.

Class Notes for June 5, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Class of ‘52 travel is the topic of this edition of Class Notes. While visiting family in the Denver area, your Secretary was able to arrange what I am calling a "Mini-Mini-Reunion”. A luncheon was scheduled that included along with you Secretary, Dave Butler, Tom Vincent, Joe Masi, Jock Bickert and Mal Cleland. I can report that despite the altitude in Denver the group seemed to be in reasonably good health and spirits. Jock reported some vision problems while Tom and Dave’s spouses were requiring special care. They assured me they would be back together soon.

Two weeks later I was off to San Antonio for the Class’s real "Mini Reunion”. Through the good offices of Dave and Lois Smith, Ray and Eleanor Baldwin and Ted McAlister the class was lodged at the famous Menger Hotel next to the Alamo. Activities, besides a visit to the Alamo, included a visit to the National Pacific War Museum in nearby Fredericksburg as well as a trip down the San Antonio River Walk. The 27 classmates in attendance plus 22 wives and associates were Ray and Eleanor Baldwin, Donavin and Marilyn Baumgartner, Hale and Dorothy Bradt, Put Brodsky, Neil and Ginny Clements, Walt and Carol Culin, Jim and Barbee Crutcher, Robert and Ruth Diefenbach, Robert and Connie Eby, Robert Edsall, Bill and Celia Healey, Robert Jiranek and Nasn Freed, Paul and Suzanne Koontz, Robert and Clara Lamperti, William and Lucy MacIlvaine, Don and Carol Malehorn, Joe and JoAnne Masi, Jay and Jeanne Master, Ted McAlister, Colin and Dani McAneny, Alex Mills, Stephen and Kent Rogers, Harold and Carol Saunders, David and Lois Smith, Malcolm Strachan and Alma Owen, Ed Tiryakian, George Towner, Genevieve Way.

REQUIESCANT - We have learned that Dr. Chandler Robert Dawson who was living in Mill Valley, California died August 20, 2012 while visting relatives in Connecticut, Victor Contrad Hall died March 26, 2013 in Davidson North Carolina, Dr. Peter Sterling Mueller died March 29th in Princeton, and we have just learned that our Class President John Jacob Clutz, Jr. died April 22nd in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Class Notes for May 15, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Many of us seem to be suffering from the effects of the passage of time. Ruth Battestin writes that Martin is in a care facility in Gordonsville, VA while she is in a nearby independent living facility in Charlottesville. Don and Laura Oberdorfer have moved to a nearby residential living facility, Engleside at Rock Creek in Washington DC. On the more positive side Frank Sparrow reports from Wilmington, North Carolina that he is enjoying his 9th year post op from his heart transplant. William Pritchard writes that he is now a member of U.F.O. (United Flying Octogenarians). Let’s wish him a smooth landing.

Also getting around were three aging tigers - Bob Jiranek, Tom Dosdall and Tom Leary who met in Coronado, California in January for lunch with their ladies. Also traveling was Donald Jack and wife Marta who headed west to join Duke and Gwynne Reiley at the Sun Valley Jazz Festival in October.

Roger Berlind writes to say that he is still grinding away producing theater in New York. His son William ‘95 is working with him now. Jack Ball writes to say that after 27 years as Chairman of the Graduate Board he has "cheerfully” agreed to become Chairman Emeritus of the Triangle Club. "I can and will attend all meetings - I just can’t vote (sort of like the Pope!)”.

Matt Werth writes that he hated missing the 60th but does have a mini reunion on occasion when he meets with Bill Purdy for dinner at a local Norfolk, Virginia yacht club. John Blessing writes that since he lives so close to Hanover New Hampshire with many Dartmouth alumni nearby, that it is always a pleasure to attend games when Princeton teams come to town - which usually provides good friendly bragging rights!

Class Notes for April 24, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Mini Reunions - The Mini Reunion in San Antonio as of the publication date of this issue of Class Notes shows 49 participants. Ray and Eleanor Baldwin, Arnold and Sally Barnes, Donavin and Marilyn Baumgartner, Hale and Dorothy Bradt, Put Brodsky, Neil and Ginny Clements, Jim and Barbara Crutcher, Robert and Ruth Diefenbach, Bob and Constance Eby, Robert Edsall, Bill and Celia Healey, Robert Jiranek and Nan Freed, Paul and Suzanne Koontz, Robert and Clara Lamperti, Don and Carol Malehorn, Joe and JoAnne Masi, Ted McAlister, Colin and Danielle McAneny, Roger and Latie McLean, Alex and Jane Mills, Steve and Kent Rogers, Hal and Carol Saunders, David and Lois Smith, Malcolm and Alma Strachan, Ed and Josefina Tiryakian, George Towner, and John and Sally. The famous Hotel Manger is serving as headquarters for the ‘52 group with plenty of activities on the agenda.

The deaths of a number of spouses has been reported. Albert Gilgen reported from Cedar Falls Iowa that his wife Carol passed away in December 2011 but that he has been comforted by his extended family, sons Bert and Jim and daughter Beth who all live near by. Christopher Spencer reported from Greensboro, North Carolina that his wife Dorothy died March 23, 2011. John Arensmeyer son of Harold Arensmeyer who died in 2009 reported that his mother Elliott died last December

John Moore, Charles Schaefer, Ed Tiryakian and your truly serve as hosts for regional class lunches in New York, Philadelphia, Durham, and Arlington. If you aren’t on their emails please get aboard.

REQUIESCAT - We learned George W. Young died on February 17, 2013. A funeral liturgy was scheduled in Lenox, MA, on March 3, and a memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on May 5 at St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church in New York City.

Class Notes for April 3, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Authorship - A listing of authors as contained in "The Book of Our History” published at the time of our 50th Reunion shows forty one classmates names. I am pleased to report that two new classmate authors have been kind enough to send me copies of their publications.

The first publication to arrive was "The Education of an Accidental Lawyer” by Thomas V. Leary who now resides in Coronado California. The book description as contained in recites that it "... is a collection of over 100 anecdotes about the good and the bad experiences that taught him his trade. For general readers it is an entertaining description of what business lawyers do; for aspiring lawyers it as a valuable teaching tool.”

The second arrival was "Osprey” by William V. Healy, M.D. who now resides in San Antonio Texas. It is described as "A Thoughtful International Medical Murder Mystery”.

Family - The reports I receive from classmates have convinced me beyond a doubt that the Great Class of ‘52 is a very "fertile” class. Thus Banks Anderson reported that his "first grandson married - nine grandchildren to go”. David Siegel also reported that his oldest daughter became a grandmother with the birth of her son and that she and her son joins David and his wife Julia every Wednesday for lunch. Pierce Russell also cited his "...contribution to the "Progeny Pool” - 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.” Mal Cleland reported that life continued on an a uneventful pace with one more grandchild on the way which will make 10.

REQUIESCAT - The class was advised by Toby Strachan of the death of James Evans on February 6th in Buffalo, New York.

Class Notes for March 20, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

When you read this column all the members of the Class of 1952, the Class Associates, and Honorary members of the Class will have received the publication "60 Years of Significant of Events” the Class’s latest entry into Princeton’s Class literature. Edited by past Class President, Steve Rogers, the publication includes the remembrances of 82 classmates. However, the most significant part of the publication are the pictures of classmates taken at our 60th Reunion over the period from May 31st to June 3rd. We were fortunate to have available the services of McNair Evans Jr. the son of our late classmate McNair Evans who is a professional photographer in the San Francisco California area. McNair took hundreds of photographs during the course of the weekend from which he and Steve Rogers with the assistance of Susan Clay of my office, selected 121 for inclusion in the publications. All would surely agree that we have never looked better.

The other notes received by your Secretary emphasize either movement to new locations such as Gerhard Andlinger’s move to Woody Creek in the Aspen Colorado area; Dan Duffield now settled in Nags Head, NC; and Jim Rockwell to Medford Oregon or surgery. Then on medical front there was a hip replacement for Jay Master, two replaced knees for Robert Stott, and a bad knee for Dom Telesco which kept him from the 60th.

For someone apparently not bothered by surgery and who remains high on the athletic ladder there is Clifford Barr who reminds us that he is ranked 6th in the country in the 80+ US National Squash rankings. At the same time Allen West reports that he is still playing tennis and running to keep ahead of Father Time.

REQUIESCANT - The class was advised of the death of Walter Griffith on January 9th in Sea Ranch, Florida and Dr. George Victor Tangen, MD on January 29 in Prior Lake Minnesota.

Class Notes for March 6, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

One of the pages we always check in the PAW - especially in our latter years - is if the Class Notes provide an alert to a Memorial in that edition. However, for the Secretary and Class officers one of the biggest difficulties was finding someone to draft the memorials. As a result, especially with Dan Duffield’s illness, we had developed a significant backlog of memorials. Class Vice President Put Brodsky has now tapped New York City classmate John Moore to handle that task. Since the December 10th email where John accepted the challenge, he has submitted to PAW over 35 memorials for future publication. This is no easy task since the Memorials are limited to 200 words. John has submitted memorials for the following classmates Terry Bomonti, Peter Homans, Karl Roebling, Todd Thayer Johnson, Poncet Davis, Walter Ramsey, David Sykes, Davis Roach, Reinhard Loosch, Al Prus, Irving Portner, Frank Driggs, Wladyslaw Troka, Richard Glass, Bill McGarry, Bill Carey, Parker Gowing, Don Shedden, Marty March, Tom Rhodes, Kirk Parrish, Ramon Ivey, Joseph Silverman, Michael Hamilton, Evans Alloway, Saturnino Salas, Tom Schmidt, William Kappes, Harold LeBlond, Frederick Gloeckner, John Schmid, John Coleman, Richard Hilliard, John Scully, Rudy Lehnert, and Walter Stephan. Since PAW’s regulations limit publication of Memorials to five per class for each edition, publication of these Memorials will take at least seven editions.

REQUIESCAT – Gordon Lamb, who flew up from Florida for the December 29th memorial service, reported the death of Fred Atwood on December 13, 2012.

Class Editor and Publisher, Steve Rogers, reports that the second edition of "60 Years of Significant Events” with many photos from our 60th Reunion has gone to press and that by the time that you read this it should have been delivered.

Class Notes for February 6, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Being Class Secretary brings one into contact with many interesting items about classmates. The latest came from Allan West who emailed me "I don't know whether you have seen "Argo," the film about the C.I.A.'s rescue of six of the people in the US embassy in Tehran who escaped to the Canadian embassy when the Iranians stormed the US embassy in 1979. The credits list all the real-life people involved in a dramatic retelling of what actually happened, matched up with the actors and actresses who played them in the film. I spotted Hal Saunders' name on the real-life list. It's a great movie.”

I passed this on to Harold Saunders who emailed back "Allan is correct. Argo's credit lines at the end of the film list an actor who plays my role and I am identified there by name, as Allan says. It's a non-speaking role, and it's not all that clear when he appears, although I can say that he likely appears in a group meeting in Hamilton Jordan's office in the White House or another meeting in the State Department. The other non-appearance is when the senior officer in the embassy was on the phone with Washington during the assault on the embassy, I was on the Washington end of the line from my bedroom at 3:00am. I was the assistant secretary of state responsible for the State Department's management of all 444 days of the hostage crisis, Nov. 1979-January 1981, including the escape of those who are the subject of the film.

My law clerk Susan Clay added the following "If you Google "Argo film imdb” you will get a link to the full cast and crew. Hal Saunders is portrayed by Bill Kalmanson [39th down the list].

So go see the movie!!!!!!

REQUIESCAT - The class was advised of the death of Walter Stephan on November 23rd in New Jersey.

Class Notes for January 16, 2013
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

MINI REUNION - Classmates should have received from Ray Baldwin, Dave Smith and Ted McAlister registration forms due April 5th for this coming spring’s Mini Reunion in San Antonio Texas from April 18th through April 21, 2013. If you didn’t received the forms you can find them on The Historic Menger Hotel will be reunion headquarters and you are urged to make prompt hotel reservations to take advantage of the special rates afforded the class which are available until March 28th. San Antonio is serviced primarily by South West and United/Continental.

TRAVEL - Our class members still retain the urge to travel .

STEVE and Kent ROGERS - undertook a three-week traveling August reunion with their family, which took them to Seattle, Glacier National Park, Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, and back to Seattle - 2370 miles. At the maximum (in Banff) they had 17 folks from three generations in their party, in four cars, gathering from the San Francisco Bay area, the Twin Cities, a Boston suburb, and Northern Virginia.

DUNCAN STEPHENS - reports that he took a case of bronchitis on a 3-week "3 babies & a wedding" tour from Spokane - San Fran - LA & San Diego. He advised that he coughed a lot and tested the walk-in emergency care service from SF to LA . He was cured by the time the red-eye from San Diego landed in Connecticut.

ED TIRYAKIAN - reports that he traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he gave the keynote address at an international conference of sociology.

IRVIN COHEN - advises that he has the same old winter travel plans: England at Christmas time; Mexico in January; and Florida in March. On the health front he had a pacemaker installed in October. CHARLIE CARPENTER'S son was his cardiologist.


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