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George Lambrakis - 9/28/2020

My memoirs :So You Want To Be a Diplomat?” will be among books featured in the Foreign Service Journal November issue.  It contains many references to Princeton and Princetonians, even if the Alumni Weekly asks a lot of money to mention it.  Available at bookstores and Amazon for those who might enjoy reading about your classmates and others in the US Foreign Service.

Donald Jack – 9/212020

After living in Cleveland [Shaker Heights] since 1963, Marla and I have been in a wonderful retirement community for ten years in Chagrin Falls.  We’re doing OK but we’re not buying any green bananas.

Porter Hopkins – 9/20/2020

Princeton pisses me off so that I’m embarrassed to say I attended for 2-1/2 years.  If it were not for the good friends and times I had while there, I would not have paid dues and given to Alumni Fund, Annual Giving, all these “unbroken”? years.  I don’t blame the class of ’52 for the female arrested on national news for rioting in Portland or somewhere out West, but I do blame the alumni for putting up with an increasingly liberal bunch of academics, presidents, deans etc. who tolerate the mad drift to the left.  Only way I can express my disgust is to stop giving.

Walt Culin – 9/19/2020

Our retirement community is still in “lock down”.  New friend also named Carol and I are anxious to travel.  Fortunately, my health is very good so we are ready when conditions allow.

Jim Rockwell – 9/19/2020

Things got lively at my retirement community of 975 people in Medford, Oregon.  On September 9th, a wildfire started on the outskirts of Ashland, swept through the communities of Talent and Phoenix, and on to the outskirts 0f Medford. It came within 4000 feet of my place.  About 2300 homes and other structures were destroyed.   Rogue Valley Manor residents were evacuated to a number of different points.  I rode side saddle in a school bus for small children for two hours, but no permanent damage.  Hope you are well.  At courage it’s all things considered.nf

David Smith – 9/18/2020

We now have four grandchildren in college with two more to go.  We are all well and Houston has missed all the hurricanes this year so far.  We have had a lot of rain which has kept me busy mowing.

DomTelesco – 9/18/2020

Like all – Covid-19 keeps Susan and me mostly in house.  Feeling great, exercising, and back to my PU weight with lots of exercise.  First year in over 40 years no trip to Europe and Capri.  Staying safe and enjoying life in spite of the virus.

Fred Kaufman – 9/18/2020

A number of years ago I received the 2-CD set “Going Back”, played the one with Band Music but never got around to playing the CD with class memories.  This past January [2020] I got tired of Christmas music so put on the 2nd CD while I did some chores around the apartment.  Suddenly, I heard my name on the speaker.  Roommate Ted Mortens told a story of a water fight in 33 Blair with the sophomores upstairs, mentioning his 3 roommates.

Malcolm Powell – 9/17/2020

If memory serves. 62.8% participation would not qualify for 5th bet AG participation in the past.  Sad to hear.  We are doing fine; we largely escaped smoke and ash fall from all the fires in CA this year.  The fires started from over 800 lightning strikes.  Rage “continuous” strikes occurred and resulting fires even caused a fire tornado in one spot.  Our daughters, Heather and Holly, married late and we have enjoyed new grandson Leo for 15 months and Holly is expecting soon!  Heather lives in Sherman Oaks and Holly in Weed new Mt. Shasta, so most visiting is Skyping.  Leo walked his first several steps as we watched.  Switching to the Covid virus threat, it seems that most deaths attributed to the virus are in patients with major diseases.  Risk of dying from Covid-19 is only 0.00002% if there is no other major medical problem in the patient.  We are certainly more at risk at our age, but the general population less so by far.  Treatment success has improved considerably with experience and there are some very interesting prospects among the drugs under development.  Right now hydroxychloroquine is effective when used early in the illness.  It is a safe drug and costs only a few dollars per patient.  My advice and wishes – stay well!

Mark Crane – 9/17/2020

I am living happily in a retirement facility in Evanston, Illinois.  Interesting activities are all done by my children and grandchildren, including Stephanie Guyett ’85, Greg Guyett ’85 [son in law], Charlotte Guyett ’13 and Douglas Guyett ’16.

Janet Smith Dickerson Stephens H’52 – 9/14/2020

Greetings friends!  I “flunked” retirement and in 2018 came to Claremont CA to serve as interim VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Pomona College.  I then remained in Claremont to serve as VO for Student Affairs at the Consortium, The Claremont Colleges Services.  We officially moved in 2019 and are enjoying our new life – closer to two daughters and challenged by the important work.

Neil Clements – 9/14/2020

Ginny and I still reside in the house we built 51 years ago, and just got back from our 39 year old cabin at 8400 feet elevation in Greer, Arizona.  Still enjoying float tube fly fishing in Apache Lakes.

Joan Dunn [Mrs. William H. Dunn] w52 – 9/14/2020

Bill has closed down but loves company and is always glad to see old friends.  Our home survived the fires, thank goodness.

Colden Florance – 9/14/2020

Alive, well, some golf, some tennis.

Edgar Masinter – 9/14/2020

Happily we were able to spend much of the summer at our Wyoming vacation house.  The “great outdoors” was comforting in this extraordinary time.

Carol Saunders [Mrs. Harold Saunders] w52– 9/14/2020

Hal and I moved to the new independent living building, Willow Oak at Vinson Hall in McLean 2014.  We enjoyed our lovely 2100 square foot apartment together until his passing March 2016.  His Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is amazingly nimble, retooling to serve students learning remotely – but at significant financial cost.  Stay tuned for the creative ways I plan to celebrate Hal’s BIG 90!!

Peter Cartwright – 9/13/2020

So far we’ve survived the fires!  Too close for comfort.

Ray Baldwin – 9/13/2020

My only comment:  For us 241 classmates who have lived 90+ years what a great, glorious life we have lived.

Banks Anderson – 9/12/2020

Because of COVID-19 Nancy and I had to forgo a family trip to the beach to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary next week.  Zoom will substitute.

Barry Loper – 9/12/2020

John Schmidt and I are a band of two members of the Class of 1952 in York, PA.  

Gil Bogley – 9/11/2020

A “ho-hum” for most of you, but not for me . . . F-I-NA-L-L-Y shot my age [89]!  Think I’ll now take up tennis.

Kathie Knight [Mrs. Thomas S. Knight Jr.] w52 – 9/11/2020

Missing Tom so much!  Busy with 13 grandchildren – 3 of our 4 sons live within 30 miles of me.  Our youngest is coping with fires.  He’s a comedy writer in LA.  Project Orbis is still strong with big cyber-sight operation while the plane is not flying.  Orbis is still teaching doctors and saving sight. 

Bill MacIlvaine – 9/11/2020

Lucy and I celebrated our 68th anniversary a couple of months ago [June 28th] with a glass of wine and a balloon.  Like everyone here in quiet seclusion we’re making the best of a not-so-easy, restricted lifestyle.  We have lived here in our comfortable apartment in a Naples CCRC for 14 years with a lovely view of trees, lakes and a golf course nearby.  My golf is now down to once a week and only nine holes, but we use the pool for water aerobics three times a week in a losing effort to stay in shape.  We’ve always lived a long distance from any of our offspring, so it was with joy that we learned that our youngest daughter and her family were moving to a Florida town only two hours away!  At the present, we have eight grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren and more on the way.  I have fond memories of great times and great classmates and friends and miss you all.  My best wishes. Stay well!

John Moore – 9/10/20

Things are quiet in Greenwich.  A few enterprising hostesses are giving dinners or offering invitations to their clubs.  Eating, it can’t be escaped.  I spent the first three months of the lockdown at my daughter’s and son-in-law’s place in Pennington, population 2500.  A quiet place.  Walked down a deserted Prospect Street one day.



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