Updated November 19, 2006

Submissions for Our Lives, the 55th Reunion book of the women of the Class of 1952, should by now have been sent to Priscilla Hildum at
or at 3661 Tremonte Circle South, Rochester, MI 48306-4787.

Hal Saunders' November 2003 communication on the book on how the wives of the Class of 1952 coped with revolutionary changes in the status of women in our time is on the President's Page.  Scroll down on this page to read the original request for submissions and other information about the program.

Our Lives: A Generation in Transition
The Women of '52 Tell Their Stories

To read sample chapters of the book on the lives of the women of '52, click on the following names:

Priscilla Ames Hildum
Sally Stowell Kreitler

Latie McLean
Kent Brain Rogers
Carol Jones Saunders


Women's Book Project: Status Report

       Three more have been added, so the final number for publication is 83 life experience stories of women of the Class of 1952.  The following women of '52 will be represented in the book, Our Lives:

Stephanie Abbot
Patricia Evans
Madelyn Matter
Virginia Shackelford
Ellen Aman
Margo Fish
Gloria May
Kathy Sherrerd
Liz Atwood
Patricia Foulke
Latie McLean
Jean Shriver
Eleanor Baldwin
Carolyn Geer
Linda McLean
Donna Sippel
Maryel Battin
Carol Gilgen
Jean McNelis
Roberta Slivon
Tink Bolster
Sylvia Glickman
Suie McShane
Lois Smith
Grace Brush
Marion Gough
Annette Merle-Smith
Margaret Stephan
Barbara Butler
Clover Gowing
Vivian Meyer
Alma Strachan
Diane Carter (Carrigan)
Pamela Harer
Marilyn Middlebrook
Jo Ann Talbott
Deborah Clifford
Priscilla Hildum
Lydia Moore
Sandi Tatnall
Patty Clutz
Nancy Jiranek
Mary Murdoch
Josefina Tiryakian
Toni Cousins
Denise Johnson
Claire Nunes
LaVerne Troutman
Carol Culin
Nancy Kegerreis
Phyllis Oakley
Hanneke van Eekelen
Elda Davis
Jane Ann Knebel
Millie Osborn
Eleanor Vincent
Ursula DeCou
Sally Kreitler
Ernie Peak
Peggy Wagner
Elizabeth Duffield
Linda Liebes
Pete Peters
P. Leslie Walker
Connie Eby
Carolyn Lindsay
Andrea Powell
Gene Way
Helen Ely
Jean Loper
Kent Rogers
Nan Weiss
Elinor Emlet
Carol Malehorn
Joan Santomenna
Evelyn Werth
Vera Espinola-Beery
Gwen Martin
Carol Saunders
Nancy Zimmerman
Margaret Evans
Jeanne Master
Sue Schmidt

          Many thanks to these contributors!  And thanks to the members of the Committee -- Priscilla Hildum, Grace Brush, and Annette Merle-Smith!

          For more information, contact:
                      Priscilla Hildum (248-475-0729,,
Grace Brush (410-366-7410,, or
Annette Merle-Smith (609-924-6255,


The Revolution in American Women’s Lives

July 2003                   

Dear Wives and Associates of the Class of 1952,

               The class of 1952's 50th reunion book was enormously successful not only because of the wide range of activities and experiences recorded, but also because it provides a record of how the lives and careers of the members of the class were influenced by the last half of the 20th century.  It is also true that this was a pivotal period in history for women, maybe more so in some instances than it was for men, as Phyllis Oakley observed in her reunion luncheon address to the women, printed in the Fiftieth Reunion Album.

               The class leadership, in their letter previously circulated, suggested that it would be most interesting to collate the women's histories also, and a small number of women have responded to their request, with distinctive stories that are compelling to read.  These letters include remarkable accounts of responses and adjustments to rapid changes in families, schools, and society.  Our lives span a period of history transitional between the way our mothers lived and the way our daughters now live.

               These responses have encouraged the Class Executive Committee and they urge us to keep going, to elicit more responses.  A small committee was formed, including Grace Brush, Priscilla Hildum and Annette Merle-Smith, with Priscilla as coordinator.  The class also has committed to finance publication of a larger collection in what would be a companion of sorts to the Book of Our History.  We think it will be a wonderful history of the women of '52, of special interest not only to the class as a whole, but also to our sons and daughters and their children.

               Thus we appeal to you for your participation.  Write us a letter.  Tell whatever seems important to you about your background and your early expectations of what your life would be.  What changes did you make to adapt to historical changes of the last half of the 20th century?  In our review of another reunion women's project, what is most engaging is the writers' stories in their own words . These accounts of our lives make a welcome and vital contribution to the whole history of the times in which we've lived.

               We wish we had known more about each other before the 50th; yet by this means we may build connections that enrich future class gatherings.  So please send us your story, as short or as long as you wish.  Call or email any of us for clarification if you like.  Mail or email to Priscilla Hildum at 3661 Tremonte Circle South, Rochester, MI 48306 (248-475-0729;  Aim, please, to do this by summer's end, when preparations for publishing should begin.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Grace Brush (410-366-7410,
Annette Merle-Smith(609-924-6255,
Priscilla Hildum (248-475-0729,




July 2002


From the Class Leadership

Over the next five years, we would like to engage your experience and interests more fully in the life of our class.  We are not asking you to do anything that you would not normally do with the class.  We want to explore two thoughts:

First, we would like to find ways to record and tell your life experiences.  We have The Book on our fifty years.  You have lived through a revolution in American women's experience.  Your story needs to be known.  We will find ways to talk that through with those of you who are interested how your story might best be told.  Phyllis Oakley's talk at your reunion lunch may stimulate thoughts about your own experience. 

Second, we want to build on the reconnections made at our 50th and will encourage classmates to identify interests around which they might relate in natural ways.  We would like to include you in that experience.  Many of your personal, social, professional, avocational, volunteer interests could expand the horizons of us all.  Conversations between you and classmates in reunion settings have been mutually enriching and have occasionally led to pursuing common interests together or on parallel paths.  As we all move into retirement, we want to see whether connecting our interests in natural ways would open doors to new and interesting interactions.  Again, we don't yet know where, if anywhere, this effort will lead.  Like many of life's exciting adventures, this is open-ended in the conviction that we are not wise enough to foresee the results at the outset.

In this experimental spirit to help us begin, would you kindly take some time to write on some or all of the following when you have had time to reflect:

• Basic biographical information: Name and address.  Where you were born.  What were your family's social, educational, vocational, and avocational background and interests? 

• What have been your own educational, family, professional, avocational, volunteer, and other experiences?

• At whatever length you choose, describe how your life as a woman unfolded with its challenges, its obstacles, its opportunities for personal and other enrichment.

• How did living in one or in several areas of the country or world affect you became and your interests?

• Please say a word about your association with the Princeton “family.”

• If you were giving the luncheon talk about the changing roles of women in America in our generation, what would you highlight?

• What social, personal, professional, intellectual, medical, or other interests would you most like to connect with men and women of “52 on?

• How would you suggest telling the story as women related to Princeton's Class of ‘52?

• How do you most easily communicate: e-mail, fax, mail, phone?

If your would like to respond to questions anonymously, please do so in a separate mailing.  Please send your response to Priscilla Hildum & Warren McCabe, 3661 Tremonte Circle South, Rochester, MI 48306-4787, phone (248) 475-0729; e-mail: [Address, phone number, and email address updated 4/22/05; email address corrected 6/24/05.]


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