1952's 55th Reunion, May 31-June 3, 2007

 Our 55th Reunion was a wonderful experience of fellowship and remembering.  We all owe great thanks to Bill and Mary Murdoch, to the members of their Reunion Committee, to all the others in the Class who helped, to the undergraduate crew who served us loyally and cheerfully, and, of course, to the 150 or so Classmates and several hundred family members and friends whose participation made it such a memorable occasion.


Remembering the Best Four Years of All -
A collection of memorabilia to take us back to Old Nassau as we knew it. (Click on the title of whatever interests you.)

Photo Gallery:          Freshman Athletics Teams
                                   Eating Clubs
                                   Engineering Societies
                                   Creative and Performing Arts
                                   Press and Publications
                                   Other Organizations
                                   Enduring Marks(New)
                                   Others to follow

Reminiscing with the Faculty: The transcript of the class dinner with surviving faculty and administration members, September 18, 1998, commemorating the 50th anniversary of our arrival at Princeton.

Princeton Alumni Weekly, July 4, 1952: The PAW's accounts of
          - the dedication of the new "permanent" home of the Woodrow Wilson School,
President Dodds' Baccalaureate Address,
          - the Awards ceremony in Alexander Hall, with the list of prize winners,
          - sports events - crew, baseball, and Olympic tryouts, and
          - a table of 1951-52 team and individual athletic championships and team records.
Courtesy of Phil May, who had the wit to retain the first PAW when the "A" meant us.

The Reunion Committee at Work
Jean Loper, Mary Murdoch, Carol Saunders,
and Bill Murdoch
Annette Merle-Smith, Tink and
Joe Bolster, and Rudy Lehnert

Plans are well underway for the Class's 55th Reunion, May 31-June 3, 2007.  The Committee has selected a theme, is developing a schedule of events, has considered a preliminary budget (prepared by John Clutz), and has discussed various subjects for a class forum or forums, all under the excellent and experienced chairmanship of Bill and Mary Murdoch.  The photos above were taken at the meeting of May 27, 2005, at the Murdochs' home in Princeton.  Other contributors to the committee's work are Put and Peg Brodsky, John and Patty Clutz, Bruce and Barbara Coe, Bob Doherty, John and B. J. Emery, Barry Loper, Steve and Kent Rogers, Hal Saunders, Leigh Smith, and Ed Tiryakian.

Photos by Kent Rogers


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