The Best Four Years of All - In Pictures

Engineering Societies

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American Society of Chemical Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechnical Engineers
American Society of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers
Basic Engineering Society
Institute of Aeronautical Sciences
(members of the Class of 1952 are in bold face type)



American Society of Chemical Engineers


Back row: McGovern, Marshall, Lind, Larkin, J. Smith, Eberjardt, Corson. 
Third row: Bob Bolton,Fred Kaufman, Beasley, van der Hoeven, Bill Gregory, Warren Bruce, Hawthorn, Van Valkenburgh, Driemeyer. 
Second row:
Bill McGarry, Marsh, Edgar Henderson, Pringle, Roy Sippel, Ron Kinney, Bob Brown, Bushnell, R. Smith.  
Front row:
Stan Cairns, Bob Krayer, Stryker, Bob Eby, Norm Hochgraf, Brown, John Peak



American Society of Civil Engineers


Back row: Weis, Jim Adams, de Hertelendy, Waesche.
Second row: Giardino, Dave Smith, Charlie Schaefer, Barr, Ed Loeffler.
Front row:Bob Parker, George Gillespie, John Parker, Jack Joyce, Umstattd



American Society of Mechanical Engineers

 Back row: Bob Louden, John Pyeatt, Al Sorenson, Norm Gilbert.
Third row: Herb Milligan, Moepher?, Sid Liebes, Paul?, Dick Will, George Titterton.
Second row: Minesinger, John Schmidt, Frank Jones, Dave Rowley, George Paff, Hermiz.
First row: Don Updike, Don Udavchak, "Mr. Dinsmore," Bill Vega, Ost.


American Institute of Electrical Engineers
and the Institute of Radio Engineers


Back row: Bill Gough, Bob Hellwarth, Beer, Poage.
Second row: Newbill, Leslie, Brewer, Bill Starrett, Briskman, Maxwell.
Front row: Pearce, Fertick, Hal Collins, Paul Troutman, Reed Hartel.



Basic Engineering Society


Back row: Doug Hardy, Josh Ward, Baer, Ted Martin, Lindholm, Charlie Harper.
Third row:
Almgren, George Way, John Clutz, Niblo, Hiser, Kirk, Moses.
Second row:
Baay, Hill, Bill Raymond, Steinfield, O'Connell, Hazeltine.
Front row: Seidel, Bob McLean, George McNelis, Puchner, Dan Baker.



Institute of Aeronautical Sciences

 Second row:Warren McCabe, Evan Gray '53, Ansel Gould.
Front row:Dick Summers, Ray Lanflisi, Howie Wentz, Andy Anderson, Rudy Lehnert.



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