Class Announcements: 2012

12/23/2012 --  We've learned from Gordon Lamb that Judge Fred Atwood '52 has died. His memorial service will be at Saint Mark's Church, in Islip, N.Y. on December 29th at 11 a.m.  An obituary from NewsDay is on the Memorials Page.
12/17/2012 -- George Towner's column for the February 6 issue of the PAW is on the website at the Secretary's page.  He reports that Allen West has pointed out that the movie Argo, about the rescue of some of the hostages in Iran in 1979, includes an actor portraying Hal Saunders, then Assistant Secretary of State.  He also notes the death of Walt Stephan '52 in November.
12/13/2012 -- Secretary George Towner's Class Notes column for the January 16 PAW is on the website at the Secretary's page.  Subjects include MiniReunion XXVI (Baldwin, Dave Smith, McAlister), travel (Rogers, Stephens, Tiryakian and Cohen) and cardiology in the class (Carpenter).  Not previously noted here, the Class Notes column for December 12 is on the same page, mentioning Loeffler, Dave Smith, Hilliard, Gloeckner, Glenn, Lehnert, and Leigh Smith.
12/11/2012 -- We've learned that classmate Walter Stephan died November 23, 2012.  We'll post more information on the Memorials page when we get it.
10/12/2012 -- Information on MiniReunion XXVI, in San Antonio and Fredericksburg, Texas, April 18-21, 2013, including the schedule and registration form, is now on the Reunions page.
10/9/2012  --  The University has announced the establishment of the Paul F. Glenn ('52) Laboratories for Aging Research under a grant from our classmate's Foundation for Medical Research.  Under this $3,000,000 grant, University researchers will study the biological mechanisms that control the aging process.  More at
10/9/2012 -  We understand that Richard Hilliard '52 died on August 7, 2012.  We'll put more information on the Memorials page when we get it.
9/28/2012 -- Secretary George Towner's Class Notes column for the November 14 issue of the Alumni Weekly is now on the Secretary's page.  He reports on the death and memorial service of Classmate Treasurer Rudy Lehnert, the death of John Scully '52, meetings of the Carolina Triangle area, Philadelphia, and DC regionals groups, and Tom Leary's new occupation.
9/24/2012 -- The University has passed on the news that John S. Coleman Jr. '52 died on July 30, 2012.  For information, go to the Memorials Page. 

9/19/2012 -- Class Treasurer and intensely loyal Princetonian Rudy Lehnert '52 died September 18.  Information and an obtuary are on the Memorials Page.  In recognition of his devotion to the University and the Class, it has been suggested (with the concurrence of his family) that Class members wear their Reunion jackets at the service to be held at 11 a.m. Monday, September 24, in Princeton.
9/19/2012 -- We've learned that John Scully '52 died September 7, 2012.  Dief Diefenbach provided the obituary on the Memorials page.
8/25/2012 -- George "Fritz" Riegel '52 died August 24.  His son Ted provided the information and the obituary that appear on the Memorials Page with his photo from the 1952 Princeton Herald.
8/12/2012 -- Please note the new CLASS FORUM page. We have received a number of articles by classmates for the 60th Remembrances book which are more suitable for a web page where opinions and comments on world and national affairs can be set out. Check the CLASS FORUM page for two new articles by Bruce E. Macomber '52  and Jack A. Dodds '52.
8/6/2012 -- Princeton has notified us of the deaths of classmates John S. Coleman, Jr. '52 and Frederick H. Gloeckner, Jr. M.D. '52. Their 1952 photos and their obituaries together with a more detailed obituary provided Bill Kappes's son John are on the Memorials Page.

7/31/2012 -- Secretary George Towner's Class Notes column for the September 19 Alumni Weekly can be read at the Secretary's Page.  Subjects include new arrangements for overflow news of the Class, Charlie Renfrew's 1982 Baccalaureate address, a Mueller/Boyer granddaughter (P '16), and the deaths of Parrish, Ivey, Silverman, Hamilton, Alloway, Salas, Schmidt, Kappes and LeBlond.

7/31/2012 -- Bob Jiranek has called to report that John S. Schmid '52 died July 29.  He and Barbara lived in St. Petersburg, FL.  His 1952 photo and a brief note about him are on the Memorials Page.
7/18/2012 --The Minutes of the Class Meeting on June 1, 2012, at the 60th Reunion, are on this website.  Click here.
7/18/2012 --  We've learned from the University that Bill Kappes '52 died July 2, 2012, and Harold Leblond '52 died July 4.  Their 1952 Nassau Herald photos are on the Memorials Page with brief notes on both.
6/29/2012 -- Dave Smith announced at the 60th Reunion that Mini-reunion XXVI will be held in San Antonio and Fredericksburg, TX, April 18-21.  For details and the tentative schedule, click here.
6/29/2012 -- Saturnino Salas '52 died June 2.  His obituary and a photo from his time at Princeton are on the Memorials page.
6/28/2012 -- For more information about Tom Schmidt, go to the Memorials Page. 
6/21/2012 -- We've learned from Tom Schmidt's daughter Dru, through Guy Hollyday, that Tom died Monday, June 18.  A memorial service for Tom will take place at the Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, at 1 p.m. on July 1.
6/17/2012 -- To see who attended our 60th Reunion, click here.
6/15/2012 -- Click here to see the honor roll of those who have paid their class dues every year through our 60th Reunion.
6/7/2012 -- Go to the Secretary's page to read George Towner's class notes column for the July 11 Alumni Weekly.  George reports on the 60th reunion including the dedication of the Kazmaier statue in front of Jadwin, the Remembrance Service led by Sam Van Culin, the new leadership of the class, and the list of those who traveled the farthest to attend, led by Stokes Carrigan and Wim Van Eekelen.
6/6/2012 -- Jim Baker's homily delivered at the 60th Reunion Memorial Service June 2 is on this website.  Click here to read the text.
5/23/2012 -- Evans Alloway died May 11.
5/22/2012 -- We have learned of the death of T. Kirk Parrish III '52 on April 28 in Boston after a prolonged illness.

5/7/2012 -- We've learned of two more deaths of classmates: Parker Gowing '52 on February 5, 2012, and Dr. Joseph Silverman on May 7, 2012.  Their 1952 photos are on the Memorials page.
5/5/2012 -- Donald B. Shedden '52 died February 5, 2012.
4/27/2012 -- The class notes column for the June 6 issue of the PAW is on the website.  It is the first written by George Towner as Acting Class Secretary.  He pays tribute to his predecessor, Dan Duffield, for his many years of service as Secretary.  There is no column for the May 16 issue.
4/13/2012 -- We've lost three classmates recently:
Marty Marsh, March 23.
Tom Rhodes, March 25.
Hank Sherk, April 9.
Their 1952 photos and bio information are on the Memorials page.
3/20/2012 -- We've learned from Put Brodsky that classmate John Emery died on Monday, March 19.  A memorial service will be held at 11 AM on Thursday, March 29, at the Tower Hill Presbyterian Church in Red Bank.  His 1952 photo is on the website.  We'll post other information as we get it.
3/20/2012 --Dan Duffield's class notes columns for the PAW issues of April 4 and April 25 are now on the Secretary's page.
2/11/2012 -- An updated list of classmates, spouses and associates registered for the 60th Reunion is on the Reunions page.
2/6/2012 -- The Class Notes for the March 7 PAW are on the Secretary's page.  Click here.
1/16/2012 -- The list of Class members, family and friends who have registered for the 60th Reunion is on the Reunions page.
1/13/2012 -- Bill McGarry, the oldest member of the Class of '52, died December 26.  For a brief note about him and his Nassau Herald photo, go to the Memorials page.

1/3/2012 -- We've learned from several sources that Bill Carey '52 died January 2.  His 1952 photo and the announcement from the company he founded are on the Memorials page.


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