MAY 4, 5, 6, 2006

For Allan Sloan's sketches of the San Francisco Mini, click here.

A bit of the Napa Valley segment of Mini XXI: Bill Seavey's Vineyard, in St. Helena

          The mini-reunion is now history, and here is historian Jim Davis's report:
          "In early May Mini-Reunion XXI attracted CLV classmates and wives to San Francisco and the Napa Valley.  Bruce Atwater, John Lowry and Bill Seavey led the team of planners and hosts, which also included Messrs. Benjamin, Cartwright, Dosdall, Gough, Kinney, Liebes, Louden, Mann, Matter, Powell, Raymond, and Renfrew.
          "We stayed in a smallish, fine hotel, with no less than three doormen to help our aged selves go in and out.  On Thursday afternoon we visited a collection of contemporary art owned by Princeton trustee and parent Don Fisher of Gap, Inc. at Gap headquarters.  Later, all who weren't jet-lagged went to a long-running revue, "Beach Blanket Babylon," which they reported was funny, made up of routines concerning movie stars and U.S. presidents.  On Friday the Seaveys hosted one group of us for lunch, vinery viewing, and wine relishing.  Another group went to the Atwaters' home, perched atop a hill, where we lunched, tennised, swam, and trudged over what seemed like several mountains.
          "On Saturday morning cultured classmates went to the De Young art museum and the others to Alcatraz. (The bus driver collected us by holding up a sign that read "Princeton Alcatraz.")  Then we all ate dim sum at Yank Sing. (That's fun to say!)
          "The Bolsters came all the way from Princeton by train and are thought to be still returning home."

          Jerry Canter adds:
One of the delights of the SF mini was the tour of the new De Young museum. This new building for a 100 year old museum was just opened to the public in October 2005. It is an architectural masterpiece as well as housing one of the world's most extensive collections of early Pacific islanders' artifacts. We Princetonians enjoyed a tour led by a knowledgeable docent."         

          Hal Saunders wound up the closing dinner - held at the elegant St. Francis Yacht Club, with its view of the Golden Gate Bridge - by urging classmates to send their annual giving checks in the next few days to help reduce the task of the "Swat team," and by highlighting plans for our 54th reunion June 2-3 (schedule on the 54th Reunion page) and for the 55th next year.
          He told classmates they will shortly receive a letter asking them to submit by September 1 a brief essay for the reunion book that Don Oberdorfer will be editing. (You can read instructions for writing and submitting your essay in a preview of our letter at the 55th Reunion page.)
          He strongly urges wives and associates to write for the women's book by
July 15. (You can read the letter on this subject at the Connections/Women of '52 page.)


Mini XXI Schedule of Events

Thursday, May 4th in San Francisco

11 AM-2:45 PM Register in Hotel Vitale Lobby, 8 Mission St. @ the Embarcadero. Phone: 415 278 3700.

2:45 PM Meet in front of Hotel for private visit to Fisher Art Collection at Gap, Inc
Headquarters. This is a two to three block walk. Don Fisher was a Princeton trustee and
is a noted collector of contemporary art.

5:15 PM Walk two blocks to One Market Restaurant, one of SF's best, for gala
opening event social time and dinner at 5:45 PM.

7:15 PM Depart by bus to famous Beach Blanket Babylon satirical theater
performance. Only for those who have signed up on Activity Questionnaire.

10PM Return to Hotel Vitale from BBB by bus.

Friday May 5th in the Napa Valley
Breakfast on your own at Vitale, in Ferry Building, or elsewhere

9:30 AM Gather at Ferry Building (across street from Hotel Vitale).

9:50 AM Depart by ferry to Vallejo/Napa. Please do not be late. Wear
comfortable shoes and bring clothing suitable for your selected activities.

10:50 AM Arrive Vallejo by ferry, bus to Mary and Bill Seavey's vineyard/home for relaxing, wine-tasting, winery visit and barbecues lunch, followed by guided tour of the hillside vineyard.
10:50 AM Arrive Vallejo by ferry, bus to Martha and Bruce Atwater's home for
Napa style picnic lunch followed by your choice of activities: beautiful and vigorous
mountain hike, tennis (racquets and balls available), swimming and/or hot tub, or just
relaxing. Showers and changing rooms available.

11:50 AM Arrive at Seavey's or Atwater's.

3:00PM Depart Seavey's by bus for either Paraduxx Winery or Duckhorn Winery for
tour and tasting.

4:15PM Depart Paraduxx, Duckhorn, or Atwater's by bus for Copia Wine and Food
Center for 4:45 arrival. Docents will take guests through gardens and museum. Gather
for social hour at 5:45 PM and gourmet dinner at 6:30 PM.

8:00 PM Depart for Hotel Vitale by bus

9:30 PM Arrive at Hotel Vitale.

Saturday, May 6th in San Francisco
Breakfast on your own at Vitale, in Ferry Building, or elsewhere

7:30-8:45 AM Optional unguided visit to best Farmers Market in the U.S. Short walk
from hotel. One hour is enough time.

8:45 AM Depart Hotel Vitale by bus with two options:
Group 1 to new De Young Museum for private decent tours. New Herzog & DeMueron
building opened in October 2005 to smash reviews
Group 2 to Alcatraz and Maritime Museum. Wear walking shoes and dress warmly.

9:15 AM Group 3 depart Vitale by bus to Asian Museum for private docent tours.

11:30 AM Groups 1,2, & 3 return to respective buses to go to dim sum lunch at
famous Yank Sing Restaurant near Hotel Vitale.

2:00-6:00 PM Free time for shopping, personal tour interests, walking the city or taking a cable car, napping, etc.

6PM Bus to St. Francis Yacht Club for dinner in the Starting Line Room with views, cocktails and wine, and final evening class updates and festivities.

Before 10 PM Return to Hotel Vitale by bus.

Sunday, May 7th in San Francisco
Breakfast or brunch on your own or with remaining classmates at Vitale, in Ferry Building, or elsewhere

Before noon Check out and depart on your own.



We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the San Francisco Mini in a few weeks. Here is some information which may help you plan the weekend.

1. Your Reservations and Payments Almost all of you have reservations and submitted your final payment for hotel, dinners, lunches, theatre and transportation. For those of you who have not, last minute additions will be hard to come by, and most of our suppliers will require payment and a final count by April 20. If we haven't heard from you by then, we will probably not be able to accommodate a later request.

2. Please read Paragraph 1 again.

3. Hotel Reservations Hotel Vitale is at 1 Mission Street, where Mission Street meets the Embarcadero. If you are driving, pleased have in mind that you will not need a car for any of the planned activities, parking is expensive, parking fines are high and traffic is heavy, both in the City and on commute roads.

4. Airport Most of you will be arriving at the San Francisco or Oakland Airport. From San Francisco, the options are a cab or shuttle. The cab is recommended. It should be about 30 minutes and cost $50. The shuttle takes between 30 and 60 minutes and is about $30 for two. BART takes about 30 minutes to Embarcadero Station and costs $10. It involves a good bit of schlepping bags and the last five miles may be as crowded as a New York subway. It is not recommended. From Oakland the reverse is the case. The taxi is costly and slow. BART is inexpensive to the Embarcadero Station and convenient.

5. Weather May is normally warm and dry and is one of the two best months of the year. This March set a record for rainfall - i.e. it rained every day - and it has rained every day in April so far. What this portends is anyone's guess, but it would be prudent to bring an umbrella and light sweater.

6. Attire
Thursday afternoon and evening. The schedule it pretty tight with the Art tour, cocktail reception, early dinner and the theater. Those who want a break may want to leave the tour early and return to the Hotel Vitale before the evening starts. For the dinner and the theater a coat and no tie would be appropriate but not required.
Friday Dress for a day in the country and comfortable walking clothes. It may be cool on the ferry to Vallejo, but there will be lots of room in the cabin. The Atwater group may get involved in Bruce's very strenuous hike and an opportunity to change to fresh non-hiking clothes for the evening. (They should please not try to out-shine the Seavey group, which will not have had a similar opportunity.) Dinner will be casual for all.
Saturday Those going to the De Young should wear whatever you wear to an Art Museum. Those going to Alcatraz should be prepared for the possibility of a cool and windy morning. Lunch will be casual. Dinner will be at a dressy club, and you should plan on a coat (blazer) and tie.

7. Other Information You already have our suggestions for Saturday afternoon, and we can provide more. If you have a question about any of the reservations, please inquire at If you have any other questions, please call or e-mail John Lowry (415-931-7833; (For the next week or so I'm happy to report that Bill is in Hawaii and Bruce is in Morocco.)

It appears that we will have a record crowd, and it should be another memorable mini- reunion for all.

Best regards to all of you,

John Lowry

April 12, 2006


MAY 4 - 7, 2006

Attendance List as of May 1, 2006

See below for the registration form and instructions.

Aman, George & Ellen
Anderson, Banks & Nancy
Atwater, Bruce & Martha
Atwood, Fred & Liz
Ball, Jack & Anne
Barrow, Charlie & Patsy
Baumgartner, Don & Mickey
Benjamin, Al & Genene
Bolster, Joe & Tink
Boyer, David & Lydia
Bradt, Hale & Dorothy
Canter, Jerry & Dorothy
Cartwright, Pete
Cleland, Malcolm & Martie
Crane, Mark & Connie
Crutcher, Jim & Barbee
Culin, Walt & Carol
Davis, Jim
Diefenbach, Rob & Ruth
Doherty, Bob
Dosdall, Tom & Annella
Dunn, Bill & Joan
Eby, Bob & Connie
Ely, Mike & Helen
Evans, Jim & Margaret
Flinn, Bob & Sally
Gregory, Ed

Gulick, Peter
     & Mary Kay Brancheau
Handelman, Joe & Sue
Harer, Ben & Pamela
Harper, Charlie & Margaret
Harvey, Frank & Robbin
Hedick, Herb & Joan
Jiranek, Bob & Nancy
Kinney, Ron
Lamperti, Bob & Clara
Lewis, Craig & Kay
Liebes, Sid & Linda
Loper, Barry & Jean
Louden, Bob & Anne
Lowry, John & Sarah
Mann, Fred & Kitty
Masi, Joe & JoAnne
Master, Jay & Jeanne
Matter, Tom & Madelyn
May, Phil & Gloria
McCabe, Warren
      & Priscilla Hildum
McLean, Roger & Latie
MacShane, John & Suie
Melchert, Jim
Merrifield, Eric & Kitty
Mills, Olan & Norma

Moore, John
Mueller, Paul & Jane
Neville, Warwick & Pamela
Nunes, Geoffrey & Clare
Oberdorfer, Don & Laura
Peak, John & Ernie
Peard, Frank & Barb
Piret, Paul
Powell, Malcolm & Andrea
Raymond, Bill & Freddy
Rogers, Steve & Kent
Rutter, Jet & Kit
Saler, Benson & Joyce
Saunders, Charles & Marcia
Saunders, Hal & Carol
Seavey, Bill & Mary
Shackelford, Bill & Ginny
Slivon, Fred & Roberta
Sloan, Allan & Chantal
Smith, Dave & Lois
Stevens, George & Jill
Strachan, Malcolm & Alma
Vincent, Tom & Eleanor
Way, Genevieve
Weber, John & Sally
Weiss, Burt & Nan
Wilkes, Dan

MAY 4 - 7, 2006

             We look forward to seeing you at our Class Mini-Reunion in San Francisco on May 4-7, 2006. For our planning, we would like to know as soon as possible how many classmates plan to attend and which activities they would like to see included in the program.
             Many of you have already responded to our recent email request dealing with hotel reservations. We thank you for your prompt responses, and ask all classmates to respond now by regular mail to

                                                    Princeton Reunion, Seavey Vineyard
                                                    1310 Conn Valley Road,
                                                    St. Helena, CA 94574.

             For those of you who are planning to attend, we will need your payment of $250 - per person - by October 12 in order to confirm our hotel reservations. Otherwise we can not assure you of rooms at our headquarters hotel at the favorable rates we have negotiated.

                                           Here are the basics on the Reunion schedule:
Headquarters: Hotel Vitale - No. 8 Mission Street at the Embarcadero, directly opposite the Ferry Building. This is a first-rate new small hotel with all the amenities. Public transportation, shopping and great restaurants are within easy walking distance.
We have reserved 60 rooms for the above dates at a favorable group rate, which will also be available for 20 rooms on May 1, 2, and 3 and May 7, 8 and 9, for those who want to arrive early or leave later at their option.
Registration: noon to 4:30 in Hotel Vitale lobby on Thursday, May 4.
Closing Brunch: 9:00 to 10:00 at the hotel or another nearby location on Sunday, May 7.
Costs: The cost of the Mini-reunion will be approximately $990 per person with the occupancy of a double room. This includes three nights at the Hotel Vitale, three days of lunches and dinners and one brunch, bus transportation, admissions and guides. It does not include other breakfasts, theatre tickets, personal items and similar expenditures.

                                                    Your Plans and Ours:
If you plan to attend, please let us know your preferred activities by returning the enclosed Questionnaire with your check (payable to Princeton 52 Reunion) for the initial deposit. If you are uncertain and wish to stay on the Mini mailing list, please check the box on the Questionnaire and provide an email address.
If you do not plan to attend and wish no further communications about the Mini, please check the appropriate box on the Questionnaire and your name will be removed from the Mini list. (If you change your plans later, let us know and we will try to accommodate you.)

Here is a tentative schedule of events. We will use your responses to the attached Questionnaire to prepare a revised schedule:

           Tentative schedule of events: Thursday, May 4 in San Francisco
Noon to 4:40 PM Register in Hotel Vitale Lobby.
3:00 - 4:00 PM Optional walk to private visit of Fisher Art Collection at Gap, Inc. Headquarters. Don Fisher is a former Princeton Trustee and is a noted collector of contemporary art.
5:00 PM Depart by bus for cocktails and dinner at Moose's Restaurant in North Beach, one of the best in San Francisco. The entire restaurant will be exclusively ours until 7:30 PM.
7:30 PM Depart from the restaurant and at your option either
(a) take a short walk to the famous Beach Blanket Babylon show, a long-running revue at cost of about $50 per ticket, or
(b) return by bus to Hotel Vitale and become accustomed to West Coast time.
10:00 PM Depart from theatre by bus to Hotel Vitale.

              Tentative schedule of events: Friday May 5 in the Napa Valley
9:30 AM Depart by 10:00 ferryboat from Ferry Building, a short walk from the Hotel Vitale, arriving in Vallejo at 11:00.
11:30 AM Divide into two groups: the Napa Valley group and the hiking group.
The Napa Valley group goes by separate busses to two or three different destinations, depending on the preferences of classmates in responses to the attached Questionnaire.
The hiking group goes by bus to Bruce and Martha Atwater's home overlooking the Valley for a picnic at Atwaters' plus a strenuous hiking tour or tennis.
12:00 - 3:30 Each Napa Valley group has lunch at a first-rate Napa Valley restaurant and visits local wineries, COPIA Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, St. Helena or Lake Hennessey, as described in Questionnaire.
12:00 - 3:30 The hiking group enjoys hike, tennis and lunch at Atwaters'.
4:00 -5:00 All groups go by bus to Bill and Mary Seavey's home in the Napa Valley for a guided tour of their winery and vineyard, cocktails and dinner.
5:00 - 6:00 Cocktails, mariachi music (May 5 is Cinque de Mayo).
6:00 Barbeque dinner at Seaveys'.
8:00 PM Depart by bus to Hotel Vitale.
9:30 PM Arrive at Hotel Vitale.

                    Tentative schedule of events: Saturday May 6 in San Francisco:
7:30 AM We suggest an unguided visit to the Farmers Market in the nearby Ferry Building, which also contains shops and several good informal restaurants for breakfast. The Saturday Farmers' Market is the best in the United States (but not the least expensive).
The rest of Saturday depends on what you would prefer to do. We are sure that many of you will want a half-day visit the new DeYoung Museum, which will open in October, 2005. In addition, and depending on your responses to the Questionnaire, we are presently considering several other half-day Saturday programs: a visit to the Asian Museum; a visit to Fisherman's Wharf and environs; an activity focusing on public policy, science or similar topic; and free time for whatever you may wish to do.
9:30 AM One bus departs Hotel Vitale to the DeYoung Museum for docent tours. A second bus departs Hotel Vitale to the Asian Museum for docent tours. A third bus departs Hotel Vitale for Fisherman's Wharf, the San Francisco Maritime Museum, Alcatraz and Ghiarldelli Square.
10:00 AM Docent tours at the museums, or tours of Fisherman's Wharf and optional visit to Alcatraz by ferry.
12:30 PM Each group goes to lunch, at locations to be determined.
2:00 PM We will arrange transportation for anyone who wishes to go to either museum or to Fisherman's Wharf in the afternoon. Those who think one museum a day is enough can take the bus from lunch back to the Hotel Vitale for free time or any of the optional activities described below.
4:30 PM The Museum and Fisherman's Wharf afternoon groups are collected by bus back to the Hotel Vitale.
6:30 PM Depart Hotel by bus to (probably) the St. Francis Yacht Club for cocktails, wine and dinner. The evening will include reports from the class officers and other festivities.

                                                   Sunday May 7 in San Francisco
8:00 - 9:30 AM Brunch at Hotel Vitale or nearby location .
12:00 noon Deadline for checking out of Hotel Vitale and heading for your next destination.


For those of you who wish to take advantage of all the San Francisco and the Bay Area offer, we can suggest several activities which you will find very worthwhile. We are not now arranging for reservations or transportation for any of these, but if your reply questionnaires show enough interest we will try to help you with arrangements. As noted, a limited number of additional rooms at the Hotel Vitale have been reserved for before and after the Reunion.

                                                    VISITS IN SAN FRANCISCO

In no particular order, here are several we can recommend, including wonderful walking tours.

Golden Gate Park has a number of worthwhile places to visit: the newly reconstructed Conservatory of Flowers, the Japanese Tea Garden and the Arboretum, all a short walk from the DeYoung Museum.
The Embarcadero in front of the Hotel Vitale allows several fine walks along the waterfront. To the right you can take a short walk along the Bay. To the left you can walk a longer walk along the waterfront piers until you end up at Fisherman's Wharf. And if you want a very scenic walk, you can continue beyond Fisherman's' Wharf and stroll on the Presidio Park trail which runs along the beach all the way to Fort Point at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. And if you're still going, you can walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Any of those walks can start and stop along the route.
The National Maritime Museum is near Fisherman's Wharf. It includes, among other ships, the restored 1886 windjammer Balclutha. It also is close to Ghiradelli Square, with many good shops and several good restaurants.
The Presidio has been a National Park for almost ten years, and includes several historic buildings as well as the recently completed major facility of Lucas Films. It contains a number of fine walking trails.
Mission Dolores is the oldest church in San Francisco, preserved intact since it was completed in 1791. It is on Dolores and 16th Street in San Francisco's colorful Mission District.
Chinatown starts on Grant Avenue a few blocks north of Union Square, expanding as you walk north. It is not for the aerobic walker (too much pedestrian activity) and can be done without a guide, although a guidebook would be helpful.
Union Square is the location of San Francisco's finest shops.

                                         VISITS OUTSIDE SAN FRANCISCO

In no particular order, here are several we can recommend:

Sausalito This picturesque waterfront town is just across the Golden Gate Bridge by car, or by a short ferry ride from Fisherman's Wharf.
Muir Woods. This is a forest of ancient coast redwoods, many 1000 years old and over 280 feet in height. The forest is a National Monument managed by the National Park Service and has several flat trails through the forest. It is about a 30 minute drive from San Francisco, and in May is best visited on weekdays, and first thing in the morning.
Filoli Mansion and Gardens is owned by the National Trust for Historical Preservation. It includes 16 acres of gardens and the 43 room Filoli mansion. It is about a one hour drive down the Peninsula in Woodside. It is presently closed on Sunday and Monday .
Stanford University. If you want to see a campus quite different from Princeton, this is about a one hour drive down the Peninsula.

                                         VISITS OUTSIDE THE BAY AREA

Three destinations can be suggested. Each would require a car.

Carmel/Monterey is about a two hour drive from San Francisco. It would be a good stop for anyone driving on to Southern California. Lots of shopping, lots of scenic views, lots of golf, lots of inns and restaurants, and lots of people.
Yosemite National Park is four or five hour drive from San Francisco. Lots of views and lots of people, but it should still be relatively uncrowded in early May. Reservations should be made well in advance. In May the waterfalls should be roaring and the higher roads and trails may still be closed by snow.
Sequoias National Park is a hidden gem containing trees even bigger than the redwoods in Muir Woods. It is in the Sierra Nevada, a short drive east of Fresno, and about a five hour drive from San Francisco. In early May the wildflowers should be in full bloom. Our classmate Jerry Canter and his wife have a particular interest in this Park and can help to arrange a special visit for classmates.



We are pleased to report that a large group of our Bay Area classmates have volunteered to be on our Planning and Host Committee (and there is room for more): Al Benjamin, Pete Cartwright, Bill Gough, Ron Kinney, Sid Liebes, Bob Louden, Fred Mann, Tom Matter, Malcom Powell, Bill Raymond and Charlie Renfrew.

On behalf of the Committee, we all look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you here next May -

Bruce Atwater, John Lowry and Bill Seavey
MAY 4, 5 & 6, 2006

Please respond only if you plan or hope to attend

Name(s): _________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address____________________________
Telephone number ______________________

Please Book Hotel Vitale May 4-6: double____, single ____, no hotel needed _____
Please book Hotel Vitale before or after mini: dates needed ____________________
$250 deposit per person enclosed: $__________

We (I) would like to attend the following mini activities:
Thursday May 4:
Private visit to Fisher Art collection at GAP, Inc.: yes (___) no (___)
Dinner at Moose's: yes (___) no (___)
Beach Blanket Babylon show option: yes (___) no (___)
Friday May 5:
Day in Napa Valley starting with 9:30 AM Ferry to Vallejo, one of the daytime
options and dinner at Seavey Winery: yes (___) no (___)
Pick one of the following options:
EITHER Lunch at a first-rate Napa Valley restaurant and visit
             Wineries (e.g. Phelps, Sterling, Shramsberg): yes (___) no (___)
             Copia Center for Wine, Food and the Arts: yes (___) no (___)
             St. Helena (historic sites and shopping: yes (___) no (__)
             Lake Hennessey - a level walk with wildflowers and birds: yes (___) no (___)
OR A picnic at Atwaters' plus strenuous hiking tour or tennis: yes (___) no (___)
Saturday May 6:
Unguided visit to Farmers Market: yes (___) no (___)
Morning and afternoon activities (pick one or two)
             Asian Museum: yes (___) no (___)
             DeYoung Museum: yes (___) no (___)
             National Maritime Museum, Alcatraz, Ghiradelli Square: yes (___) no (___)
             An activity focusing on public policy, science or similar topic: yes (____) no (___)
             Lunch (locations to be determined): yes (___) no (___)
             Return to Hotel Vitale after lunch: yes (___) no (___)
St. Francis Yacht Club for dinner: yes (___) no (___)
Sunday May 7, 2006
Brunch: yes (___) no (___)

We/I are interested in the following Dutch Treat options with other classmates before
and/or after official preplanned Mini:
Wednesday May 3 dinner: yes (___) no (___);
Sunday May 7 dinner: yes (___) no (___)
Visit Redwoods: yes (__) no (__);
Visit Monterey and Carmel: yes (___) no (___);
Visit Yosemite National Park: yes (___) no (___);
Visit Sequoia National Park: yes (___) no (___);
Golf resort: yes (___) no (___)

Write in other interests: _________________________

Other information or requests: _____________________________________________




Mini-Reunion XXI, San Francisco, May 4-6, 2006
Save the dates!

Folllowing is the text of an e-mail letter from the Mini XXI Committee sent August 15, 2005:

Dear Classmates:

Our next Mini reunion will be held May 4-6, 2006 in San Francisco and environs.

You will see the highlights of a great city; stay in a wonderful small, new boutique hotel on the Embarcadero; eat in top restaurants; see a witty California theatrical performance; visit the classmates in the Napa Valley starting with a spectacular one hour boat trip to Vallejo originating right next to the hotel; go to the brand new De Young Museum for a special tour of the acclaimed Herzog and DeMeuron building which will open in October; get updated on a subject of national importance; renew friendships with your classmates and their spouses; and much, much more.

Not only does the official reunion include a three day extravaganza of culture, spectacular natural, urban and architectural wonders, but the local committee will also suggest optional activities which you might want to enjoy before and after the reunion. There is much of great interest to see and do in California beyond the activities that will be in the mini itinerary. You can plan to visit some of these independently or with classmates on a Dutch treat basis. The committee will poll your interests in these optional activities and put like-mind classmates in touch with one another.

The cost of the three day official Mini is currently estimated to be about $1000 per person double occupancy with about a $300 supplement for singles. This includes the hotel, all lunches, dinners, ground transportation to Mini events, and all mini events themselves.

Please sign up now by return e-mail to if you think you will attend or let us know if you can't. We need to get an early count so we can be sure to have enough rooms in our gorgeous new hotel. Deposits will not be required until October 1st so you can wait to firm your plans up then.

But we do need you to click now and just type in "YES" (likely to come) or "NO" (definitely won't come). If the answer is "YES" please indicate whether there will be one or two coming and give us your names. Also, please let us know if you will need a hotel room before or after the May 4-6 dates.

We will mail detailed information in early September to those who reply positively to this e-mail.

Many thanks for your fast response.

The San Francisco Mini Committee,
Bruce Atwater
John Lowry
Bill Seavey


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