Secretary's Page - Class Notes for current academic year

These are the Class Notes as submitted to the PAW during the current academic year.  For searchable Class Notes from February 2003 through July 2008, in the Secretary's Archives, click here. Class Notes from 1995 and later years are on TigerNet; click here.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW July 11, 2018

Our status as "Old Guard” was reinforced on the weekend of June 1-3 as we gathered at Princeton for our 66th Reunion. Modern technology has come into play as some members of the Executive Committee were able to join in the proceedings remotely by way of a conference call meeting. We are hoping to have video conferencing in place by our fall meeting. The Princeton portion of the meeting was called to order at 3pm in Helm Building by Class President George Aman. Also present in person were Joseph Handleman, Robert Jiranek, Bob Lamperti, Bruce Macomber , John P.D. Moore, Annette Merle-Smith, and Steve Rodgers. George Towner submitted the Secretary and Treasurer’s report which have been posted on the Class website. Joining those in Princeton via phone were Put Brodsky from New Jersey, Stokes Carrigan from New Jersey, Roger McLean from Maine, Carol Saunders from Virginia, and Dave Smith from Texas. The meeting is open to all Class members so be on the alert come the fall.

Friday evening some of the group accompanied by Classmate Joe Bolster adjourned to the Princeton restaurant "Mediterra” for a delightful meal arranged for by our Class President.

Past President Put Brodsky reported that he and his daughter and other family members took a spectacular trip with Princeton Journeys, on Sea Cloud II, around the western coast of Spain and Portugal. As one of the Class’s primary boat owners living on the Jersey shore the trip fulfilled Put’s long held dream of sailing on a three-masted ship.


The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Robert Bruce Middlebrook on April 22, 2018, in Yardley Pennsylvania; Thomas Matter on May 8, 2018 in Walnut Creek, CA; William Stuart Morgan on May 16, 2018, in Salt Lake City, Utah; Lucius Wilmerding III May 25, 2018 in Old Lyme, CT and Frank C. Carlucci, III. on June 3, 2018, in McLean, Virginia.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW June 6, 2018

The Class received a nice note from Karis Cha '18. Karis is the recipient of the Bruce A. Berry, Class of 1952, scholarship. As is set out in the Class’s Enduring Marks brochure members of the Class of 1952 have provided funds for 27 scholarships. Many of the recipients take the time to express their thanks for the scholarship by writing to the Class in care of the Class Secretary. Set out below is the text of the letter I received from Karis. He wrote "I just wanted to reach out and say "thank you" for allowing me the privilege to attend this prestigious school that would have been beyond my wildest dreams.

I am graduating this year from the Woodrow Wilson School. I have been focusing on health policy and international development; my thesis is on family structure in India (specifically, how parents' marital quality affects children's health). On campus, I am mainly involved in Manna Christian Fellowship, in which I serve as a junior small group leader, and Six14 Christian Dance Company, for which I am the president. I have enjoyed many wonderful friendships born out of my time at Princeton, as well as much academic and spiritual enrichment. again, thank you for your family's contribution to my stay here. My email is Blessings, Karis Cha

On reunion weekend the class will be gathering together for dinner on Friday June 1st at the Mediterra restaurant in Princeton. Also Dave Smith has planned a Mini-Reunion for the week of July 21-28, 2018. I will be a shipboard tour of the Maine Coast and Harbors.

The Class has learned of the deaths of Classmate Richard Megargee on December 17, 2017, in Tampa Florida and of Bob Krayer on Tuesday April 17, 2018, in Vancouver BC.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW May 16, 2018

Class President George M. Aman III, let us know that he and wife Ellen had attended the memorial service at the Princeton University Chapel for Classmate Gehard Andlinger on January 20th. He reported that they heard the words of respect and gratitude from Princeton’s President and our Honorary Classmate Christopher L. Eisgruber as well as words from Gerry’s colleagues. There were also the loving remembrances from his family. This was followed by a reception at the Andlinger Center located on the University campus

Edward Tiryakian writes from Triangle Area that the local group on October 30, had an excellent class luncheon, with the largest attendance to date. Ed also let’s us know that he will be at the Sorbonne in Paris on December 11 for a special event honoring one of France's famous sociologists

Received a note from C. Robert Bell, Jr. in Vero Beach Florida telling us that he and wife Jan had just observed their 66th wedding anniversary! He also commented that he had talked with to their Best Man and Classmate William L. "Larry” McNichols and brought him up to date on his progress with chemo treatments for his "Non-Hodgkins" Lymphoma which has been good so far.

Jim Rockwell sent news from the West Coast that he had had a good year in that he had managed to stay out of the health center - a pleasant contrast to his two previous years.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates John Neville Farmer on July 10, 2016, in Shelburne, VT; Donald Roots Hall on April 30, 2017, in Tucson, AZ; Thomas Edward Dosdall on March 9, 2018, at Minneapolis, MN; and John Fleming "Jack” Ball on March 9, 2018, at his home in Greenwich, CT.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW April 25, 2018.

Dr Put Brodsky is still up and around. He sent a note suggesting that we read President Eisgruber’s article in the December 6 edition of the PAW. It tells about a new Professor at Princeton, Nieng Yan, who is a world authority in something new, cryo-electron microscopy. With the help of Emily Carter, then-director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, and Craig Arnold they developed an imaginative plan to house the machine within the stunning, the new Andlinger Center.” The Class of 1952 comes to the rescue again!

Fred Kaufman writes to let us know that after 27 years of retirement in New London, NH, he and wife Carolyn moved into a Senior Living facility outside Atlanta, near two of our children. One of the strangest feelings was reading my own obituary in the PAW. A graduate with a similar name in an adjacent class died but the obituary read like mine. This was corrected in the next issue. Have 3 children, 7 grand and 2 great grands.

We learned from Jack Blessing that on Easter morning 2017 he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. After 7 months of rehab he is happy and pleased to say that he is as fully recovered as might be expected for any 88 year old man. He says that he and wife Phyllis are now in remarkable health and looking ahead to 70th "Old Guard" Reunion.

Malcolm Powell writes to tell us about his family. His youngest daughters have plans. They are delighted to report that daughter Heather and Holly are planing to wed in the early fall. Heather is already playing the violin mostly in Los Angeles for orchestras and in the film studios. Holly is presently teaching nearby.

The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Thomas Edward Dosdall on March 9, 2018, at Minneapolis, MN; and John Fleming "Jack” Ball on March 9, 2018, at his home in Greenwich, CT.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW April 11, 2018
Hobey Henderson wrote to say that he and wife Betty finally felt the need to abandon our beloved Arizona for digs closer to three of our four children. We now live about 40 miles north of Denver in Loveland, a major center for culture, design and creation. But they still take LONG road trips around the sensational Rocky Mountain West where their hearts truly reside.

We received a very touching note from former Class President Steve Rogers following the death of his wife, Kent. Steve wrote "We lost the charming, intelligent, and—though she always resisted the superficial values of the world—beautiful Kent on November 13, after she fell while we were walking on the steps of the Princeton Art Museum.

It was ironic that what occurred echoed one of the first memorable events in her life with that grad student who became her life companion when she was studying at Columbia Teachers College. That memorable outing together involved a long hike from the Columbia campus to the Cloisters museum in northern Manhattan, in pursuit of another of her great interests—history. Her energy and enthusiasm on that walk were evidence, to the economics student with her, that she would be willing and able to serve in many environments, wherever Foreign Service career and duty would take them. Fancy and curiosity took them to every state and every continent in the 60-odd years that they traveled and served together.

The flood of memories that her death has unleashed from our four kids, other family, friends, church, and other colleagues is evidence of the love and esteem that she earned throughout her long life, through her years of retirement as an active citizen in Annandale and, for over two years, at the nearby Greenspring retirement community. Kent asked that donations be made to the church as people wished.”

The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: William Keller "Bill” Cooper on October 25, 2017 at Tampa, Florida.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW March 21, 2018

Ray Baldwin sent us some of his words of wisdom " If classmates are doing what they could do one or two years ago, they are doing just fine, thank you.”

Fred Mann wrote to say that he is building a new house in New Zealand - for the second time - and planning to spend as much of his remaining years as he can in what he calls this wonderful country that many say is the way American used to be.

George Lambrakis sends a message from across the Atlantic to say that he spends his time in Paris in winter and at the beach area of lower Brittany during the summer. However, he plans to work out an exchange for a house in Florida over the holiday season.

Ted McClure reports that he has moved to an independent living retirement center called The Willows at Brooking Park in Chesterfield MO. He also reports the arrival in June 2017 of his first great grandchild - Theodore James McClure. He says that there are more to come.

Our Class aviator Warren Bruce let us know that he flew his last flight for the Coast Guard. Gave up his post on the local North Carolina Airport Board and also retired as County Commissioner. It looks as if things are winding down but everything is still A-Okay!

Hale Bradt who was featured in a Princeton Alumni Weekly article in November 2017 wrote that as he began reading his late father’s letters from World War II, the words "just grabbed me, viscerally” he says. After decades of research, Bradt wrote about how the war and these letters reshaped his family.

We learned from Frederic Alling that he and Marty have been married 61 years and now living in an independent living center, Brightview, in Danvers, MA. His family of three daughters and their husbands live in nearby Marblehead with 6 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW March 7, 2018

William Dunn reports that 2017 had basically been a good year. The year’s highlights include a family wedding and reunion with family members at the end of July in Oakland, California. He and his wife, Joan, celebrated 53 years of marriage in early October with their daughters and their spouses. He says that life is good.

We heard from Toby Strachan who let us know that he and wife, Alma, are still living in their three-story condo on the shores of Lake Erie in downtown Buffalo. It's getting harder to get around so they travel less, mostly to visit family in Pennsylvania, Albany New York and Vermont. They also manage ten days each March in Gulf coast, Florida.

John Lowry sends a note to say that he was sorry that he was unable to make the 65th. He would have loved sharing it with your secretary and his other friends.

Darby Houston reports that he is still working for Home Depot. For 88 that is not bad. He send his best to everyone.

Former Class President and football team Manager Roger McLean sent an excited and enthusiastic report on the Princeton 52-17 win over Harvard at Cambridge. It was a Friday night game under the lights where he was joined by many Princetonians and Classmates Lefty Thomas, and George Gowen. Roger gave his partisan opinion that he was watching the best Princeton team in years. While the Tiger’s performance that day certainly merited Roger’s comments the teams losses the nest four Saturdays left all Tiger fans wondering what went wrong.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates -: Charles B. Renfrew on December 16, 2017, in San Francisco, California; Richard Megargee on December 17, 2017, in Tampa, Florida; and Gerhard R. Andlinger on December 22, 2017, at his home in Vero Beach, Florida.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW February 7, 2018

On the health front we heard from Jack Blessing that he had a cerebral hemorrhage [stroke] on April 16th Easter morning. As of September he was still in rehab but recovering very well.

A note from Doug Hardy who noted that he did enjoy getting to our 65th reunion and joined may others in thanking Past President Put Brodsky for a well-planned event.

Roger McLean submitted a story about Babe ruth’s home run bat and we were able to put the full story on the Class website. Then on September 30, he and Latie drove from Maine to meet Allen West at the memorial service for Geoff Nunes in Cambridge [Mass.]. They represented the Class of '52 and learned much about Geoff's fascinating life. A packed crowd assembled at Harvard Yard's Loeb House to celebrate his life and work. His daughter spoke of Geoff's great generosity, his interest in everyone, and his ability to laugh at himself. When on the ski slopes, his family knew enough to clear the way to hear him say, "The moose is loose."

Robert Finken’s wife, Elmira writes that Robert is still in assisted living and enjoys his excursions outside on his battery driven wheel chair with his young caregivers."

We heard from Frederic Alling that he and wife, Marty, have moved to an adult residence in Danvers Massachusetts . They have made new friends and love the freedom from house chores and food preparations.

Dom Telesco writes from sunny Palm Beach that they were able to spend a month in Europe and now are back to golf and long walks. Still going strong with too few pains to talk about.

The class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Harry Pharr Brightman on November 13, 2017, in St. Louis, MO and Norman Gilbert on November 26, 2017, in Flint, Michigan.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW January 10, 2018

Among the kudos received concerning the success of the 65th was a note from John Weber who relayed that he and wife, Sally, enjoyed the Reunion very much.\

We learned from Banks Anderson that the first grandchild is due while he and wife, Nancy, continue to remain active.

Class author, John Geyman, has come up with two new publications. There is his new book published in 2017- "Crisis in U.S. Health Care: Corporate Power vs. the Common Good", as well as a pamphlet"Common Sense about Health Care Reform in America" John has an active website as well - .

We receive many short notes. David Butler tells us that he is still around, Charles Shriver says that he is doing well except for some legs that don’t work well.
Margo Fish, wife of late Classmate Howard Fish, sent us a great note. She wrote " To express that her gratitude to the class of "52" is beyond the words. To be with the memories that came alive for me as dear Mac's wife and our "daring" marriage his Junior year - [sitting near Paul Mueller, the only living male member of our wedding - Jan. 27th 1951 - is as I said beyond words - perhaps only music & poetry can be the expression of gratitude. With deepest appreciation and sincere dreams for future gatherings I send this. Fondly, Margo

Matt Werth, wrote to congratulate George Aman his promotion to Class President! He says that he is now 91 While he lost 4 years in service in the Navy the good news was that he was able to go to Princeton on the GI Bill + 100% disability.

The class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Gerald Eades Bentley, Jr., on August 31, 2017, in Toronto, Ontario; Irvin Cohen, Jr., on October 31, 2017, in Portland, Maine.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW December 6, 2017

The Class received a nice letter from Josef Valle of the Class of 2019, recipient of The Bruce A. Beery Scholarship. The letter has been posted on the Class web site

Phil May sent a great message. He says that he is still going strong at 92. He notes that he is not on any medication but only take vitamins. We all need to take those vitamins.

Charles Carpenter writes to say that he is looking forward to the Maine coastal cruise in 2018

Malcolm Powell let us know from Sebastopol that he lost his eldest son, Brett, at age 57, in kite-boarding accident. Brett was survived by wife Carla and 2 sons. On the good news side he and wife Andrea report that daughter Heather and Josh Ludmir of West Hollywood are engaged. Heather is a professional violinist and Josh is an entertainment attorney and documentary film maker.

On the anniversary front, John Sprague, wrote that he and wife Jid celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this past June. He says that they are still active and kicking, but more slowly each year.

Warren Bruce lets us know that he is now living in Oriental, NC. After his retirement from DuPont, he flew for the Coast Guard Auxiliary until 2015.

David Smith was unable to escape the hurricane season in Houston. He writes that
they had 52 inches of rain in two days and survived but when the Army Corps of Engineers opened the 2 dams three days later they received 6 inches of water in our first floor. They have removed the rugs and plaster wall board and were waiting for the rest of the house to dry out.


The class has learned of the death of the following Classmate: Gerald Eades "Jerry” Bentley, Jr., on August 31, 2017, at Toronto, Ontario.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW November 8, 2017

Guy Hollyday sent us a message announcing that he had just published a second edition of his oral history of our neighborhood, Stone Hill in Baltimore: Stories from a Cotton Mill Village. It consists of stories of the coming of modern living (running water in the home, electricity, phones, the end of horse-drawn vehicles, etc).See its web site:

Diz Gillepsie reported that Geoff Nunes died September 11th at a hospice in Cambridge, MA. His wife Clare and his children were with him when he passed away.

Richard Talbott writes to let us know that he and wife, Jo Ann have moved to an assisted living home in Roanoke, VA. They are near daughter Anne Jessie as well as their granddaughter and great grandchildren who also live nearby. They recently celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and they enjoy visits with Bob Jiranek as he lives close by in Danville, Va.

Ed Tiryakian reported that he and wife, Josefina and I just celebrated our 64th wedding anniversary.

A note from Gil Bogley tells us that he is sill lovin' his beautiful Traverse City area!! . . and still manages an occasional spot of "IT'S YOURS!" tennis.

Past President Put Brodsky as expected sent us a medical report telling us that he had spent a pleasant summer mostly defervescing [I checked a medical dictionary and it turns out to mean " the abatement of a fever as indicated by a decrease in bodily temperature” . ] after the great 65th. He had returned from 10 days in Maine with his family where he was able to have a nice visit with Roger McLean and wife, Latie, at their lovely retirement facility in Falmouth, Maine. Roger is getting his strength back after major surgery last Spring.

The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmate - Geoffrey Nunes at Cambridge, MA on September 11, 2017

Class Notes for Publication in PAW October 25, 2017

We have received Al West’s latest book of poetry, "Keeping Night at Bay”. These short poems are about childhood, loss, and old age, which all of us can relate to. This is his third book of poems. Al commented, "I worked on these poems for about five years, but poems are never finished. You just get tired of them or give up trying to make them better."

Past Class President Put Brodsky wrote us to say that it was with a mixture of surprise, pleasure and humility that he received the beautifully framed letter of appreciation from George Aman at our Class dinner Friday evening of our 65th Reunion Put said that he did not expect to be Class president, and certainly the late John Clutz deserved the honor in view of his many years of devoted service to the class. He expressed a heart felt "Thank You” to all who signed the letter and to the Class for allowing him the privilege of serving as President of the Class of 1952, 2013 - 2017.

We have received a few comments on the 65th. Skip Nalen was one who wrote to say that he would admit that initially he had very little enthusiasm in attending our reunion. His initial reluctance sprang from the fact that it was really the first gathering that was so markedly impacted by the loss of so many close classmates, roommates, club mates, team mates etc. As it turned out the loss of our classmates was memorialized in poignant service conducted respectfully by Sam Van Culin and others at the nearby Presbyterian church. And of course the P-rade.....a bit of limping, some canes, but lots of spirit. We may be old, but we're not finished! In summary, Skip felt it was a happy gathering with many lasting memories, even though some of them bittersweet. In the end he was glad he attended!

Class Notes for Publication in PAW October 4, 2017

Paul Mueller wrote to tell us that he went to visit John Sharp in Chambersburg, PA. John was having a pacemaker put in back in January when his heart was punctured. He was taken by helicopter to Hershey Medical Center where after open heart surgery the puncture hole was sutured. Some complications developed, and John had been in the skilled care unit at the retirement community where John had been living. He has been having PT and OT. The day that Paul visited John’s Occupational Therapist took John to his apartment to see how he could get around on his walker in preparation for his return to his apartment shortly after Paul’s visit. He was so happy to see some of his neighbors and was in fine spirits. Having been in the hospital myself a short while ago this story has a familiar ring I am sure to many of us. As they say "Been There Done That”.

On another front Paul Mueller also mentioned that John Parker, one of his roommates , was reported to have rappelled from a 13-story Portland, Maine office building for a charitable cause. In case you don’t know "rappel” is defined as" descending a rock face or other near-vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point. " He was told that he would be the oldest US citizen to do such a thing.

Also included in our correspondence was a message from Ray Baldwin who provided our first post-65th Reunion message. Ray wrote "After a long trip (12hrs) home for us that from the Baldwins’ perspective this was a wonderfully planned and executed Reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially our classmates, who were open and gregarious. A special thanks to emeritus president Put for his five years of planning, administering and especially communicating. Well done, team!”

Class Notes for Publication in PAW September 13, 2017

Your Secretary received a pleasant note from Howard Hallengren who reports that his life hd been far from dull since he had a bad fall right after Thanksgiving last year and spent the month of December in the hospital. That was followed by rehab and work with his trainer.

He also reports that immediately before the fall, he had arranged to have his novel published. He had worked on it – Reminiscences of an Accidental Embezzler – for a number of years after he retired and then finally decided to have it published. It is a fictionalized version of attempted embezzlements by a couple of guys who worked for him back at the Chase Manhattan Bank in the 1980’s. He is glad that he had it published and would appreciate the comments of friends who have read it.

Past President Put Brodsky reported that he attended the Memorial Service for Classmate George Newlin at the Princeton Quaker Meeting. Also in attendance were George’s son, Colin, several other relatives and friends, together with Classmates Stokes Carrigan, and his wife Diane, President George Aman, and Bill Murdock. George’s son Colin lead off the service with a moving offering about his father, as did others. Stokes, George and Put also added their comments. In essence, George Newlin was a remarkably talented musician, historian, writer, a lawyer and for our class, the guy who produced the great 50th yearbook, The Book of Our History. As someone volunteered, He was a renaissance man.


The class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Franklin Kneedler on December 21, 2016, of Danvers, MA; Robert Alexander Johnston Jr. on May 31, 2017, in Houston, TX; George C. Kline, Sr., on June 9, 2017, at his home in Bethlehem, PA; and Roger Allan Wilson on July 10, 2017, of Stuarts Draft, VA.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW July 12, 2017

Well we have made it!! We are now part of the "Old Guard”. For those of us still around it has only take 65 years since we left Princeton to achieve this status. Fifty Nine Class members were able to come to Princeton to join the remaining 26,000 people who joined in the Reunions process. We enjoyed talks at the Berlind Theater by Professor and noted historian Jean Edward Smith ‘54 on "Generals as President” highlighting the lives of Washington, Grant and Eisenhower. We visited and examined the facilities at the Andlinger Center for the "Energy and the Environment”. Darryl Waskow told us about the plans for the new Lewis Center for the Arts which is under construction and will open in October 2017. On Friday there was a Memorial Service presided over by Classmates Sam Van Culin and Sandy Zabriskie at the Nassau Presbyterian Church for Class members who passed away since our 60th. The dinners at the Nassau Club Thursday, Springdale Country Club Friday and at Forbes on Saturday were well received. The Friday events at Springdale were enhanced by comments from Class member James Baker on the current political situation and by Honorary Class member, and Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber on the current status of the university. Acknowledgment was also given to the extraordinary service rendered to the Class by outgoing Class President Put Brodsky with the presentation to him of a framed letter from the Class leadership reciting his accomplishments for the Class.

The Class also added a new Honorary member McNair Evans, Jr, a professional photographer and son of Classmate McNair Evans, who passed away in 2000. McNair took many pictures at our 60th and performed the same service for the Class at our 65th recording every element of our weekend. The best in due course will be posted on the Class website.

At the Class meeting on Saturday the new primary Class officers for the period 2017-2022 were elected as follows: President: George Aman; First Vice President; Stokes B. Carrigan III; Second Vice President: G. Quincy Lumsden, Jr.; Secretary and Treasurer: George C. Towner, Jr.; Class Agent: Stephen H. Rogers; Reunions Co Chairs: J. Putnam Brodsky and Stephen H. Rogers

Those Class members who were able to join us included George Aman III, James 'Jim' Baker, Ray Baldwin, Joseph 'Joe' Bolster, Hale Bradt, John 'Put' Brodsky , Stokes Carrigan, James 'Jim' Crutcher, Walter 'Walt' Culin, Keith Dawson, James 'Dets' Detmer, Robert 'Dief' Diefenbach, Gilbert 'Gil' Dunham, Robert 'Bud' Foulke, George Gillespie, George Gowen, George Hambleton, Joseph 'Joe' Handelman, C. Douglas 'Doug' Hardy, Frank Harvey, Herbert 'Herb' Hedick, Guy Hollyday, Robert 'Bob' Jiranek, Hobart 'Hoby' Kreitler, Robert 'Bob' Lamperti, Barry Loper, Bruce 'Doc' Macomber, Thomas 'Tom' Mangan III, Joseph ‘Joe’ Masi, Edgar 'Ed' Masinter, Theodore ‘Ted’ McAlister, Warren McCabe, Barnabas 'Barney' McHenry, John McShane, Augustus ‘Gus’ Middleton, John P. D. Moore, Leight ‘Wheels’ Smith, Alexander Mills, Paul Mueller, William 'Bill' Murdoch, Craig 'Skip' Nalen, James 'Poss' Parham, David 'Dave' Paton, Albert 'Al' Pittis, Richard 'Dick' Riordan, Stephen 'Steve' Rogers, John D. Ross, David 'Dave' Smith, Gough Thompson, Edward 'Ed' Tiryakian, George Towner, Paul H. Troutman, Samuel 'Sam' Van Culin, Willem 'Wim' van Eeken, John B. Weber, Allen 'Al' West, Kenneth 'Ken' Wieland, Robert 'Bob' Worth, and Alexander 'Sandy' Zabriskie.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - Samuel Hopper Tucker on April 7, 2017, at Galena, MD; John Oliver Gauthier on April 23, 2017, on April 23, 2017 at Springfield, VA; John Carl Peak on April 26, 2017 in La Jolla, CA; George E. P. Buxton, on May 5, 2017 at Mt. Pleasant, SC; George M. Brantz on May 12, 2017 in Elkins Park, PA and Jerome W. Canter on May 23, 2017 in Bethesda, MD

Class Notes for Publication in PAW June 7, 2017

Porter Hopkins wrote to share some reminisces about life during our days on campus. He recalled going duck hunting on Lake Carnegie after the late Bill Brokaw told him how many ducks the early crew practice put up on the lake. Charlie Stout, '53, and he had a grand time and we were only arrested once. That was on Walker Gordon property where ducks went to escape us. He concluded by sending his best wishes to the Class of '52 in their 65th year out. He said he’s amazed he’s still around & still doing his thing.

Another note came from John Geyman, who noted that he is in year 86 but he is still active. Of greatest importance are his recently published books, The Human Face of Obamacare: Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next released in January 2016 is and released in March 2017 his book, Crisis in U. S. Health Care: Corporate Power vs. the Common Good, Since 1990 John he has been involved with research and writing on health policy and health care reform.

Bob Jiranek sent us a picture of his roommate, Dick Talbott, and his wife, Joann, He went on report that at a gathering in Princeton for Alumni Day weekend preparing to join the Old Guard Dick, Geoff Nunes, Paul Benacerraf and he reflected on the many changes since 1952 not only in themselves but in the University as well. The consensus at the meeting summed it up very positively noting change is good when it is the result of empirical research. In the case of Geoff Nunes, however a, Dick and Bob noted that Nunes still defies empirical research.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - John Herbert on March 27, 2017, in Cincinnati, Ohio; and Donavin Baumgartner on April 3, 2017, ay Moorings Park in Naples, Florida.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW May 17, 2017
We received a note from Gerry Andlinger who wrote that the inevitable creep towards the front has worked at least one more time. He said that he has had all the joys of a long life, children and grandchildren as well as all the trials and tribulations, death in the family, hip replacement, etc. Especially the joy and the sense of satisfaction at the official opening of the " Andlinger Center for Energy & the Environment" at Princeton together with granddaughter Vail just receiving her early admission to Princeton and now we will try for our next in line. He hopes that his body parts all hold together and says that he'll make reunions this year.

Paul Mueller writes to let us know that he and Jane are no longer going to Palm Desert, CA for the winter months. However they are planning a Bourbon Trail trip to Louisville in May after the Kentucky Derby week to celebrate with Anne, their oldest daughter who is turning 60, and middle daughter Cathy '81, three granddaughters all above the legal drinking age, together with two young gentlemen friends and Anne's husband. Paul and Jane continue to enjoy their life at Willow Valley in Lancaster, a wonderful retirement community which Paul refers to as Wrinkle Valley. He notes that if any classmate has a trip passing through Amish country, he requests that they please give him a call.

We also received a letter from Alicia Castillo who is the recipient of the Donald Hogue Burnett Scholarship. Her thank you letter was placed on the Announcements page of the Class of '52 website.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates -Robert Eugene Field on May 7, 2012, in Tucson, Arizona; Colin McAneny on March 14, 2017, in Vicksburg, Mississippi; and Donald Malehorn on March 16, 2017 in Dublin, Ohio

Class Notes for Publication in PAW April 26, 2017

From Highlands Ranch, CO Mal Cleland writes that his health remains reasonably good. He and wife Martha enjoyed Christmas with the family which now includes 4 sons, 6 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Life at The Cleland household is always busy and always full of love!

We also received a Christmas letter from Wim van Eekelen from the Hague.
He recounted his family’s recent travels to Singapore, Hongkong, and Vietnam. Then on to Taiwan where they, as members of Liberal International, had been invited by the incoming president of Taiwan to her inauguration. Then the issue of Eurodefence brought them back to Lisbon and Paris and meetings with old friends. Wife Hanneke attended the monthly meetings of International Woman’s Contact The Hague, which she helped found in 1974. Last December Brill Publishers issued the third edition of Wim’s doctoral thesis of 1964 on Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China, now 120 pages heavier. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in October and are most grateful for having been together all these years, for the love and care of Annemargreet, Peter, Gerard , Peter-Paul with Latoya, and Saskia, and for the friendship of Princeton Classmates

Carol (Mrs. Hal) Saunders, from McLean, VA wrote to remind us that learning of Vice President Biden’s receipt of the President's Award for Distinguished Civilian Service she recalled Hal receiving the same award in 1980. She also noted that the Sustained Dialogue Institute made it’s National Dialogue Award to Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - Michael V. Anthony on April 28, 2011; Christopher Carver on September 7, 2011; and Richard S. Vogels on November 10, 2011, in Newcastle, Maine; and John Alexander McGhie on January 17, 2017, in Portland, Maine.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW April 12, 2017

We learn from Robert Doherty that granddaughter, Anna '17, is one of the tri-captains of Women's Lacrosse team this year, following in the footsteps of her Dad, Kelly, who was a captain in '81 of the men's team. Robert is a proud grandpa !

One of the California continent, Thomas Leary, lets us know that he and wife Stephanie are in good health, and enjoying life in Coronado, Cal -- her home town, where they met in 1953 and married in 1954, after he returned from his first Navy cruise to Korean waters.

Sandy Zabriskie shares his political views telling us that as one who did not predict the outcome of the recent election, he is disappointed and grieving - and praying for the well-being of our country and the world . . . . Personally, as Dr. Seuss said, "for the shape I'm in, I'm in good shape". He and wife Margy will be traveling to Colorado, California, Minnesota, New York and Maryland before returning to Vermont at year's end. With 5 kids, 12 grands, and 1 great-grand, they have been richly blessed. Margy and I will celebrate 59 years of marriage in January.

Leigh Smith reports from Brookline MA that he and wife Jean are still holding their own as evidenced by the fact that they have lived at 167 Clinton Road now for 48 years!. Making some necessary house upgrades this summer meant that they had to postpone their round-the-world cruise! Daughter Joanna and husband David were in Cyprus for six weeks but they visited on both ends of their trip. Son Geoffrey and wife Caroline are very busy keeping up with granddaughter Violet's full social calendar!

The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - Benjamin Allston Moore, Jr. on February 18, 2017, at his home in Charleston, South Carolina; and William Lee Pritchard on February 25, 2017, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW January 11, 2017

Fred Alling, reports that he and wife celebrated their 6oth wedding anniversary in December. Their three daughters with their families live near their home in Marblehead by. He still enjoy sailing with a son-in-law.

Bob Johnston’s wife Nancy writes to tell that Bob's Parkinson disease will prevent him from attending the Class’s 65th reunion this June. She knows that he loved the reunions and seeing his Classmates.

Dick Talbott writes that and his wife of 62 years, Jo Ann, are now residents in an apartment at an assisted living residence in Roanoke, Va. near their oldestdaughter, Anne. They have recently enjoyed seeing their ‘52 classmate Bob Jiranek who lives close by in Danville, Va.

We learned from Toby Strachan, that he and wife Alma are still living in their lakefront three-story condo in downtown Buffalo. While they have a few aches and pains they are surviving very well.

Sam Van Culin tells us that he spent August in England visiting friends and familiar places. While he was glad to see that they are adjusting to "Brexit" they were puzzled by our political situation and the race for President. Weren't we all !

Leigh Smith, as the industrious homeowner reported that this pas summer they had a new roof installed and the exterior of their house painted. Needless to say they have postponed their round-the-world cruise !

As a responsible Classmate John Peak let us know that he and wife Ernestine had to a different apartment here in their White Sands Retirement Community which address we faithfully installed on the Class website directory.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - John Lockhart "Jack” Skeel on July 3, 2016 in Chagrin Falls, Ohio , James Cushman Davis on October 26, 2016, in Philadelphia, PA, and George Christian Newlin on November 8, 2016, at home in Princeton, NJ.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW December 7, 2016

Ed Tiryakian wrote us to say that he and wife, Josefina, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and that all is well. Robert Doherty let us know that his granddaughter Anna is one of the Captains of this year's Women's Lacrosse Team. William H. Dunn, let us know that he is slowing down, but still enjoying life in Santa Cruz, California . Our Class traveler, Benson Harer, wrote to tell us that he is off to a cheetah preserve in Namibia. Phil May sent a note that like most of us he is staying very busy.

Classmate Malcolm Powell, writes that he and wife ,Andrea, are enjoying Sebastopol - a city in Sonoma County California approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco - and 9 mi. from Pacific Ocean with cool nights and mild day temperatures. He said that he fractured his jaw as the result of a fall chasing their dog. He promises that he will try to play more appropriately for his age. Andrea has downsized her garden but it still blooms all year here. Four of their nine living children live in the San Francisco Bay area and so they are fortunate in seeing them regularly.

It was good to hear from Bill Trulio . He reports that his health is very good. He amuses himself on the golf course where he manages to record scores in the middle eighties. He has been house renovating as well as boating on nearby Chesapeake Bay. His wife Ginny has finally retired but he still consults 4 hours a week. He concludes that life is good and his son and daughter are now an age he would like to be.


The Class has learned of the death of Classmate, Edmond Garesche, on September 18, 2016 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Class Notes for Publication in PAW November 9, 2016

Barry Lopersent us a note pointing out that Carol Saunders, wife of our late Classmate Harold Saunders, has been a Trustee at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for a number of years. Recently she was named to 'emeriti' status but she can still have a voice in selecting the new President for Dickinson.

Our academic traveler Ed Tiryakian let us know that he recently spent a week at an international meeting in Vienna, Austria, presented two well-received papers, and enjoyed a boat cruise on the green (formerly blue) Danube. He also reminded us that on September 5th he and wife Josefina celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary and all's well!

Charles Carpenter writes from Barringtton RI that he and wife Sally are looking forward to the Class’s 65th. Deo volente!!

Steve Rogers’s families relationship to Princeton has become quite unique . Steve writes that their grandson Tajin has just member of the Class of 2020. He will join Steve, his daughter Kryston (P '79), Tajin's father (their older son) Halsey (P '86), and their younger son John (P '88) as Princeton graduates. After Tajin graduates in 2020 Steve and wife Kent will, assuming a normal progression, have a family reason to make their way up to Princeton every year for a begun his freshman year at Princeton as a major reunion. He calculates that it will be Halsey's 35thin 2021, Steve’s 70thin 2022, John's 35thin 2023, Kryston's 45thin 2024, and for Tajin's 5thin 2025,to be repeated as the fates allow. Steve says that he and Kent didn’t plan it that way, but of course they are happy, now having done the calculations.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates: Robert Marlow Lovell, Jr., on September 20, 2016, at Morristown, NJ; and William Arthur Seavey on September 21, 2016, at St. Helena, CA.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW October 26, 2016

News from our Peripatetic Professor, Edward Tiryakian, who told us that he was invited to give a keynote address on globalization in Beijing, China, May 20-22, and took the occasion to take a walk on the Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world.

We learned from Donald Malehorn that he, Stokes Carrigan, Tom Mangan, Alf Gardner, Bill and Mary Murdoch, as well as Barbara Coe, classmate Bruce Coe’s widow, attended the Memorial Service for Tink Bolster, wife of classmate Joseph Bolster held in the Princeton University Chapel. The service was very well attended and was a very impressive and moving ceremony, with some 20 children and grandchildren providing brief talks regarding their relationships with Tink, and describing her may strengths and accomplishments.

George Aman wrote that in July the Philadelphia luncheon group held its best-yet regional gathering, at Harvey Glickman’s elegant retirement community, Foulkeways located at Gwynned PA. It’s in rural Northern Montgomery County. Stokes Carrigan drove from Beach Haven "down the Shore” and met George Aman at the Merion Cricket Club. They drove together to Harvey’s, while George Brantz drove separately from his home in Eastern Montgomery County. Their nonstop conversation continued for well over an hour. A delightful time was had by all.

Bud Foulke, wrote to tell us that he and wife Patty, as joint authors, won third place in the competition for Public Service articles, Division II sponsored by the New York State Associated Press Association. Their series of four articles covered a variety of topic including the choice between aging in place and moving to a retirement community, understanding the structure of retirement communities, calculating their costs, and organizing a search for ones that would fit you. The articles, first published in the Glens Falls Post-Star, a regional daily, are still available online at


The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmate - Robert Wilson Dodd on June 15, 2016 of Pompton Plains, New Jersey

Class Notes for Publication in PAW October 5, 2016

Ed Tiryakian reported from the Triangle Area that then ‘52 group had its spring luncheon in April. Joining Ed and his wife Josefina were: Bill Pritchard, Bob Dougherty, Bob Eby, Bob Jiranek, Banks Anderson together with Edmund Tiryakian '78. The group’s guest speaker was Professor Laurent Dubois '92 of the Duke Romance Studies Department, who gave a presentation on the history of the banjo in the history of the Atlantic area.

Hal Saunders wife, Carol, sent in a note reporting that Phyliss Oakley, Jack Blessing, Jerry Canter and George Aman attended the Memorial Service for Hal held in McLean, Va.

Barry Loper sent a note letting us know that currently under construction in Washington DC is a museum expected to open in 2018 to be known as the United States Diplomacy Center dedicated to telling the story of American diplomacy. The museum will consist of four major 'Halls". Hall II will be named the James A. Baker, III Hall . Hall II will feature Diplomacy in Action and will guide visitors through our nation's diplomatic history, illustrating how it has shaped our lives today.

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment bearing the name of our Classmate Gerhard Andlinger held the building’s opening celebration and symposium in May in the building's Maeder Hall, The event showcased the building and featured some of the center's latest research in innovative energy and environmental technologies. The Andlinger Center’s faculty presented their research on energy storage, energy-efficient building systems, nuclear fusion, biofuels, solar cells and other energy and environmental topics.

Roger McLean let us know that our current ambassador to Vietnam is Ted Osius III, son of our own Ted Osius. He made the news because of his preparations for President Obama's visit.


The Class has learned of the deaths of Classmate Robert W. Dodd June 15, 2016 at Pompton Plains New Jersey.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW September 14, 2016

I want to share the note I received from John K. Doyle '56 who was the Executor of the estate of Classmate John LaGrua who died in October, 2014. It appears that John was a loyal member of the Class of 1952 and often spoke of his admiration for the efforts of the University to educate our leaders of the future. As a reflection of his feelings, John bequeathed one million dollars to the University from his estate for the John A. LaGrua '52 Scholarship Fund, which was established last year.

John was a member of Tiger Inn and a new plaque has been installed at Tiger, which salutes the Class of '52 in John's name. John died as a result of heart troubles after a long fight, which included a heart-transplant twelve years before his death. He died in New York where he had lived for many years. If anyone would like to contact Mr. Doyle, or Mr. LaGrua's sister Gloria Dugan, contact me and I shall assist you.

Dave Smith sent along some followup data concerning Classmate Ed Loeffler . As has been written about earlier we had been advised by Ed’s sister Anabelle that Ed was on a B-52 which crashed flying to Alaska in November 1952. The crash site was not discovered until June 2012 as it was covered by ice. Anabelle wrote that bone and flesh from the scene have tested positive for Ed’s DNA. The overall investigation is on-going, but so far only 17 of the 52 passengers have been ID’d. The family is hopeful that Ed’s remains can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - Robert Allen Engle on July 27, 2013, at his home in Absecon, NJ; Howard Smith on January 28, 2016, in Brooklyn, NY; and Trueman Million Martin on June 26, 2016 at Fountain Hills, AZ.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW July 6, 2016

Our 64th Reunion has just concluded and we are one year away from being the OLD GUARD. We started with 806 in the fall of 1948 and we are now down to 355 that we are aware of as of this writing. Of the 355 the following appeared at Princeton, either for the Class Executive Committee meeting or the P-Rade. Class President Paul Benacerraf, Put Brodsky, Stokes Carrigan, Mark Crane, Alfred Gardner, Joseph Handleman, Robert Lamperti, Barry Loper, Donald Malehorn, Annette Merle-Smith, John P.D.Moore, Bill and Mary Murdoch, Geoffrey Nunes, Steve Rogers, Alexandra Tatnall, and George Towner. Some of us required a golf cart for the P-Rade but we made it.

John Sharpe writes that he has been in a retirement home in Chambersburg, PA since March of 2015. His wife Lynn died March 31 in connection with a head injury sustained at tennis.

Lucius Wilmerding, wrote to say that his answer to "How are you?" is that he "Still alive" and according to wife, Adda, he is pretty fit.

Jerry Canter, let us know that he and wife Dorothy were invited to the swearing in of Lt. Gen. Nadja West as the 44th Surgeon General of the Army. She was one of Jerry’s students when he was on the faculty of George Washington Med School in the eighties. Dr. West is the first African-American woman to be appointed Surgeon General!

Edward Tiryakian, tells of attending our winter Class Executive Committee meeting, which he followed by joining with Classmate John Moore and with Kathy Forgan, widow of Classmate Russ Forgan as they helped Classmate George Newlin celebrate his 85th birthday as he gave before an enthusiastic audience at the Century Club an all-Beethoven piano sonata recital.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmate: Robert Paul Zabel on May 25, 2016, at his home in Glenview, IL.

Class Notes for the PAW of June 1, 2016

Last December Class president Put Brodsky sent in a copy of an article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, '80, former Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School. The article dealt in part with the black student protest on campus that demanded the removal of Wilson's name from the Woodrow Wilson School and elsewhere on campus because of his racist background. Subsequently some members of the Class Executive Committee on March 30, 2016 sent some comments on the subject to President Eisgruber who forwarded it to the special committee that he had created.. That committee then issued it’s report which can be found at

Among the notes received in the Secretary’s office was one from Gil Bogley who lets us know that he is still playing "IT'S YOURS" tennis; but still failing to hit my age on the golf course. Pathos !

Ed Tiryakian wrote to tell us that in December he traveled to Bilbao, Spain, for an international conference as part of my "routine retirement".

Gordon Lamb wrote to tell us that he and Anita are now Florida residents ensconced in The Dartmouth enclave of Harbour Ridge in Palm City. Wonderful spot but very few Princetonians.

We heard fromJohn Geyman, who acknowledged our birthday card on his 85th birthday . He gave a brief update noting that his lovely wife, Gene, died four years ago of Alzheimer's after 56 years of marriage. He was remarried to Emily more than two years ago. They continue to enjoy living in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. I am still writing on health care, with my latest book,The Human Face of ObamaCare: Promises vs. Reality and What Comes Next, which was released in March. He is still a member of the United Flying Octogenarians (UFOs) and still flies actively.


The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmate William Park Callahan died on March 30, 2016 at Savannah, Georgia

Class Notes for the PAW of May 11, 2016

Hobey Henderson and wife Betty celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at their of their daughter's cabin high in the Colorado Rockies. All of their children (4) and grandchildren (5) were there. Great fun! Betty and I are doing just fine - well, sort of "fine", all things considered.

Malcolm Powell wrote that he and wife Andrea have downsized, moving to Sebastopol, CA. He says they love it. Their brood is now consists of four in Bay Area, six elsewhere as far away as Switzerland. We have one teacher, one professional violinist, a Federal Reserve Chartered Bank Examiner, plus four in business and two stay home Moms!

Howard Hallengren writes that he had a great cruise in the Baltic last fall focusing on Stockholm and St. Petersburg. His paternal grandfather was born in Stockholm, and cruise ended in Copenhagen where his maternal grandfather was born. He hated to leave the ship when it ended.

Also got a note fromTed NicholsonHe tells us that there are not many 1952 Princeton grads down in his home town of Prescott Arizona but nearby Phoenix does. He is hoping to get back to Princeton for visit in 2016.

Willem van Eekelen writes that this year he fulfilled several ambitions. First, he climbed Machu Pichu and sailed through the Panama Canal. He also prepared a new edition of my 1964 PhD theses, "Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China", adding 120 pages and appendices on Tibet.

Mal Cleland writes that he remains reasonably well, but my wife, Martha, continues to suffer considerable arthritic pain. Surgery is scheduled for her at the end of 2015 and hopefully it will give her the first relief in 3 years.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmate: Bruce Warren Johnson, on March 18, 2016, in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, MA.

Class Notes for the PAW of April 20, 2016

Diz Gillespie, dropped us a note to say that he and his wife, Patrice, attended a dinner in New York honoring Sam Hartwell as the co-founder of Strive, Building America from the Workforce Up. This year is Strive’s 30th Anniversary and they have trained over 60,000 men and women that were disadvantaged and in serious trouble and led them into permanent employment. A great success story!

Leigh Smith, wrote that he is holding his own and continues to be mobile, but, even so, they seem to remain relatively stationery! However, their Children Joanna and David are on the move. In October they visited their children Joanna and David in at the Clark Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Our home projects this year include a retaining wall, planters, and steps leading to the backyard all in heavy timbers and some other less ambitious home improvements.

Scholarships from the Class of 1952 for Award Year 2016 have been posted on the Announcements page of the Class Website . These include Ms. Ha Kyung (Anne) Jung '18, recipient of The Bruce A. Beery, Class of 1952, Scholarship,who wrote a lovely thank you letter

J. Marshall Osborn let us know that his wife, Millie, and he are still in good health, but we had two major problems this summer. First a 100-foot tree fell on our house. Then a month later a pipe broke and a room was flooded. Fortunately the house is now back in good condition.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates -

Harold H. Saunders, March 6, 2016 in Mc Lean Virginia, Walter Craigie on March 3, 2016, in Richmond, VA; David Kellogg Siegel, on January 23, 2016 in Menton CT; James Douglas Sparkman, Jr., on January 17, 2016 in New Rochelle , NY and Frank Augustus Sparrow on , February 20, 2016 in Wilmington, NC

Class Notes for the PAW of April 6, 2016

Classmate Larry McNichols sent us a note that the Holland American line had cancelled Egypt stops so he was forced to cancel his ‘trip of a lifetime’ which was to have included stops at the pyramids.

Our New England correspondent Roger McLean congratulates our Class’s adopted grandchild Chris Young '02 for his notable pitching for Kansas City in the World Series Championship. He also tells us that a goodly number of the Class attend the Harvard game at Cambridge. The group in addition to Roger and Latie, included George Gowen and wife Marcia, Roger (Lefty) Thomas and wife Dorthea, and Geoff Nunes and wife Clare. All were grateful the first quarter remained scoreless but they were not so pleased about the 42-7 final outcome.

Al Ellis celebrated his birthday with a visit from his twin grand-children: Hayden Lynn Forte and James Reid Forte who were born on March 27, 2015 to his daughter Ashley Ellis, and his son-in-law James Forte.

Another frequent correspondent, Bob Jiranek, let us know that Stokes Carrigan and wife Diane visited the Jiraneks in Virginia before leaving for Ireland and then Australia. Diane is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and she traveled to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg to assist Bob’s grandson, George, buy two pure bred Angus cows at the Hokie Halloween sale. Bob, a noted equestrian himself, let us know that Stokes has become an accomplished equestrian learning the craft from Diane on their ranch in Queenstown Australia.

Ed Tiryakian, our Triangle area coordinator let us know that the fall luncheon was held on October 19th. In attendance along with Ed were Bob Jiranek and his wife Nan Freed, Bill Pritchard, Paul Lindsay, Bob Eby.

REQUIESCAT. The Class has belatedly learned from the University of the death of Classmate Paul van D. Richardson on May 2, 2014 in Bedford, Virginia.

Class Notes for the PAW of March 16, 2016

We learned that Grace Johnston w’52, held a solo art show entitled "Pastel Journeys: Finding Nature's Beauty " in the Woodrow Wilson Gallery at Princeton Windrows, Princeton, NJ. from October to the end of last year. The pastel paintings show is dedicated to my deceased husband,Robert C. Johnston'52, and includes a portrait of him and 32 other works.

Jack Blessing writes that he and wife, Phyllis, are still thankfully healthy and happy at their home on Eastman Lake in New Hampshire. They expected to spend three months this winter with their two daughters, each now living in or near Vero Beach in Florida. The latest count is five fully grown children, 12 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and still hoping for more.

News came of a Big Party at the end of September to celebrate 50 years of marriage for Bob Doherty and wife Kerstin. The Big Doings not only included family, old friends, new friends, but also musicians from North Carolina Symphony who performed.

Having spent the past seven years in San Francisco, a once lovely small city which is now building high-rises on every corner, Fred Mann writes that he and wife Kitty have rented a house in Point Reyes Station, CA 38 miles from the city to escape the massive construction which has become the hallmark of this tech-driven town.

Dick Edmunds Princeton ’61, sent us an article that appeared in the Sawgrass (Ponte Vedra, FL) Country Club newsletter concerning his cousin and our Classmate which read "Congratulations to Stan Cairns, member since 1993 and a past president, on his HOLE IN ONE on Wednesday, September 30th. Stan hit a 7-Iron from 142 yards on Hole #3 West.” Stan is buying!


The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmate - Jim Sparkman, Manchester Center, VT, on January 17, 2016 and David K. Siegel on January 23, 2016 at Mentor, Ohio.

Class Notes for the PAW of March 2, 2016

Phil May reports that he has to get around on a walker these days but he has his wonderful wife with him me in their high rise condo right across the river from our treasured home of 32+ years. Our four children live nearby but his eight grandchildren are scatted all over the US.

Colin McAneny writes to say that he is still blessed with good health, but slowing down a bit. Aren’t we all.

John Parker let us know that despite some minor setbacks now and then he and wife, Ann are still healthy, playing golf and occasional tennis and down hill skiing in the winter.

Hal Saunders let us know that he and wife Carol have moved into our new apartment in the neighboring Vinson Hall retirement facility. They are very happy in their new space and feel a real sense of community in their building which appears to be full of retired public servants.

Life in Palm Beach is being enjoyed by Dom Telesco. He reports that he is still playing golf but questions its quality. He manages to spend his summer in Southampton and Italy and feels that life is good.

Paul Mueller wrote to say that he and wife, Jane celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with all three daughters who joined them with their spouses and beau and also two of the five grandchildren. Kate is a senior at Princeton. Cathy '81 and David Boyer '80 came in from New Zealand. They also managed to go to Wilmington, DE to celebrate father and classmate David Boyer’s 85th birthday.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates: Jay C. Master on December 16, 2015, in Claremont, CA, Ronald H. Aires on December 22, 2015, in Columbia, PA, and William C. Long on December 22, 2015, in Chatham Township, NJ.

Class Notes for the PAW of February 3, 2016

Darby Houston reports that he is still working at Home Depot in East Windsor New Jersey and staying out of trouble.

Herb Hedick, sends as his message to the Class "At this stage of life "no news is good news".”

Steve Rogers writes to tell us that he and wife Kent attended an enjoyable 85th birthday bash that Dorothy Canter arranged in a Georgetown waterfront restaurant today, with several dozen of his friends, colleagues, and family, to celebrate Classmate Jerry Canter's 85th birthday - actually a few days after the date. Jerry is partially retired, from his careers first as a surgeon at George Washington University Hospital, and then as a financial analyst - both useful to friends and colleagues at this stage.

Steve notes that he and Kent are now living a few miles from Georgetown in a large retirement community in Fairfax County called Greenspring, having sold the house in Annandale they purchased 51 years ago and moved into four times while he was in the Foreign Service. They are still within range of Washington-area activities, including the regular class luncheons at the Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington that George Towner and his law clerk Susan Clay arrange. Classmate John Gauthier also lives at Greenspring with wife Pat.

Ray Baldwin, writes that he was trained and qualified to swim in the National Senior Games but back spasms disabled him from going, Octogenarian life has disappointments.

Martin Battestin’s wife Ruthe wrote to say Thank You to all the Classmates who sent notes on Matin's death. She appreciated all your kindnesses. She misses Martin every minute still.

REQUIESCANT The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates: Frederic B. Ingram of Santa Barbara, CA, on August 26, 2015; George F. Titterton on November 2, 2015 at Bloomfield, CT.

Class Notes for the PAW of January 13, 2016

We heard from Tom Leary’s wife Stephanie that they thoroughly enjoy their lives in Coronado, CA. Tom is a weekly docent on the Midway carrier museum and currently is writing bios of local military for a "Heroes” project. It's been a year since his successful aortic valve replacement when he was part of a special study using an artery to insert the artificial valve rather than opening the chest.

Anne Sherrerd
87 P08 P10 ‘h52, has been elected to the Princeton Board of Trustees to serve a four-year term beginning July 1, 2015.

Princeton Alumni Weekly highlights classmate Hale Bradt's new book trilogy, "Wilbur's War: An American Family's Journey Through World War II”. See review in "Did You Know” column in the Class website.

A $5 million gift from investment executive John P. Birkelund '52 has established the Program in History and the Practice of Diplomacy at Princeton. The new undergraduate certificate program will provide preparation for careers in governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Stephen Kotkin, the John P. Birkelund '52 Professor in History and International Affairs in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor at the Wilson School, will co-direct the program.

Guy Hollyday writes that he went back to Italy the past April and to the Appalachians in July.

We heard from Fred Jones that he and wife Mary Jo are still living on their farm near Danville, PA and doing well except that he was recently bitten by a neighborhood parrot which was a first him and I would guess a first for the Class. He retired nearly 20 years ago from the nearby Geisinger Medical Center where he had a long tenure as a pulmonologist and as Chairman of Medicine.

Class Notes for the PAW of December 2, 2015

Richard Gillespie, writes that on May 23rdhe had lunch at Marny Smith’s (she was first Marny Bryan ‘52) Also present wereSam Hartwell, Kathy Craig Knight ‘52, Edwina (Millington) Brokaw ’52.

Arnold Barnesand his wife of 54 years Sally celebrated his 85thbirthday on 10 June along with their 3 children, their spouses, and 6 grandchildren including . granddaughters Elizabeth Barnes and Brenna Hurley. Arnold keeps busy driving for FISH, as co-host with Sally of the Springhouse Pond Hospitality Committee, and as treasurer, KB1RIA, of the Framingham Amateur Radio Association.

Ed Masintersent along an email from Greg Hughes, Coach of the Princeton Heavyweight crews, who reported about a link on theClass of 1952website to a video of the naming of one of the two of the boats borrowed for the Regatta forDan Duffield '52one of Princeton’s racing greats.

We also heard fromPaul Muellerthatthe Lancaster Country Club of which he is a member was hosting this years US Open. He reports that he was working as a volunteer in the Volunteers Tent which has AC!! He notes that holding a sign and walking or directing spectators had no appeal at his age.

Ben Harer,writes from Seattle that he is coping with the loss of wife Pamela in July 2014 after 61 years of marriage. In January of 2015 he went with expedition to Sudan for 2 weeks to excavate with UC Santa Barbara team. He felt it was a big change after working in Egypt for 30 years.

REQUIESCANTThe Class has learned of the death of the following classmates:George S. Heyer, Jr., on October 10, 2015 in Austin, TX,Patrick McEvoy "Mac” Cromwellon September 16, 2015, in Towson, MD, andRussell Pierce, Jr., on March 2, 2015, in Murphy, TX.

Class Notes for the PAW of November 1, 2015

        Phil May sent us a beautiful spiritual note. He noted that in what he called this convoluted, contentious, combative, beautiful, amazing planet that The Lord has provided him with a beautiful caring, loving wife Gloria, four amazing children, eight inspired grandchildren (one a certified genius) and three delightful great-grandchildren. He says that he keeps in touch with many active, inspiring, productive Princeton ‘52 classmates who are continuing to help make this a better world. At ninety he says that he has been blessed beyond measure! So say all of us Phil!!

           George Towner reported, that Honorary Classmate Bill Tierney - fourteen years after his last national championship at Princeton and six years after moving to the University of Denver to embrace the challenge of building a national lacrosse power virtually from scratch - finally came back to coach on the final day of championship weekend. The visit proved to be a success as Denver defeated Maryland 10-5. 

            We received a thank you note from: Nicole J. Hardy '16, who is the recipient of The Class of 1952 Memorial Scholarship.  She wrote in part , "Dear Class of 1952, Thank you so much for your generosity.....  The gift of education cannot be repaid, and I am forever in your debt.....”   Nicole is from Dunwoody, GA, and was her high school Valedictorian along with a number of other awards.

            We also received a note from Jackson P. Forbes '18 who was the 2014-2015 recipient of a scholarship award through The Donald Hogue Burnett’52 Scholarship Fund. Jackson, who is from Plano Texas, wrote in part:  "I would like to thank you for the scholarship assistance that you provided me this year. ... ”


            The Class has learned of the death of classmate Windsor F. Cousins on September 3, 2015, at State College, PA.


 Class Notes for the PAW of October 21, 2015       

John Sprague passed the word that he planned to be scuba diving off the coast of St. Vincent in the Grenadines on my 85th birthday, this past April 5. His wife, Jid, will be on the beach. His latest book, on the history of Sprague Electric Company, he expected to be published in May or June.

            Jay Master passed along the news that Southern California's amazingly mild winter had him within two strokes of shooting his age on the golf course.  Way to go Jay!!

           We have learned that the Class had a good representation at two recent memorial services.  Roger McLean let us know that he, Bob Jiranek,  George Aman, Roger McLean, Steve Rogers, Barry Loper, Ed Tiryakian and the Quincey Lumsden were present for the service held at Quantico for Dan Duffield. The group met for dinner and Roger provided some remembrances of Dan, our long time Class Secretary.

            It wasn’t long after that Hal Saunders and wife Carol, Steve Rogers and wife Kent, Barry Loper and George Towner were attending the memorial service in Washington DC for Don Oberdorfer. The New York Time and Washington Post had lengthy reports about Don’s doings as a reporter for the Post. It was just a month later that Don’s wife Laura passed away. It was a tough stretch.

            Ed Tiryakian our Triangle Area regional group coordinator reported that the group had its spring lunch on April 6, with eleven (11) members and associates present, including Banks Anderson,  Bob Doherty, Paul Lindsay and wife Caroline, Bob Jiranek, Bill Pritchard along with Ed and wife Josefina. 

            George Aman let us know that he and  George Brantz attended the memorial service for Charles Schaefer which was very impressive. Also instead of personal reminiscences during the service the program had a full page of his life achievements.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW October 7, 2015

John Moore, has let us know that the readers of the February 2015 issue of WSJ, the Wall Street Journal magazine, were treated to a fine full page photo of Classmate Dom Telesco, and wife Susan, who let everyone know that they approved of First Republic Bank.

We also heard from Bob Jiranek, who told us that the day before Valentine’s Day, Tom Dosdall and wife Annella, joined Bob and wife Nan Freed to enjoy what Bob described as a delightful lunch at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Dosdalls had just moved into their new home in Laguna Woods and have a magnificent view of the mountains.

Bob also noted that he and Nan stopped at a book signing at Dick Riordan’s house in Los Angeles. Bob also talked about The Arthur Collins Equestrian Center for at risk kids. The Center recognizes Arthur’s considerable contributions to Princeton and to the Class.

Nancy Osius Zimmerman, widow of Classmate Ted Osius, Jr., who died in 1984, reports that their son Ted Osius III [not a Princeton graduate, but Harvard '84], was confirmed by the Senate in November as U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam.

Allen West, writes from Massachusetts that he was just getting back to tennis after open-heart surgery this past June to replace a mitral valve gone bad. He noted that the moment his game begins to improve, it seems that something medical always pops up! He relayed that his son, Dan, died in September at age 50 after fighting multiple melanomas for years. He let us know that Classmate John Pratt also resides with him at "Brookhaven at Lexington”. They see each other every other week for duplicate bridge and often outside while walking.

The Class has learned of the death of the following classmate: Joseph Edward Murphy on August 10, 2015 in Minneapolis, MN.

Class Notes for the PAW of September 16, 2015 

            Donavin Baumgartner wrote in December that he spent 11 months in hospital and nursing home rehab due to osteomyelitis of his right femur (staph aureus) which was dormant since fracture at age 18. He spent Christmas with his oldest son, Chip, and saw his five great grandchildren.


            We learned that 2015 will mark Ed Tiryakian’s 50th year of teaching at Duke. Quite a record!


            Bob Finken wife Elmira also wrote that Bob is in a facility for individuals with memory loss and is doing well thanks to a medication that keeps his loss at a continuous level. His family is grateful for this, and he sends his best regards to the Class


            Class President Put Brodsky also wrote in January that he and  had spent a lovely holidays with son, John '79, and his family. He indicated that he looking forward to reading John Geyman MD's new book, "How Obamacare Is Unsustainable". Put opined that this maybe the most important book of 2015!


            Roger Berlind also reported from New York that he is still producing plays and musicals in New York.  He hopes we are all are coping with late middle age.


            In February Bob Doherty wrote that he was looking forward to April when he would again see his granddaughters - Anna ‘17 and Christina [Yale] square off in the Princeton-Yale lacrosse game.


            REQUIESCANT  The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates: Ira Helman on February 11, 2015 in Orlando, FL; Ray Chirurgi on April 7, 2015 in Livermore, CA;  Roy Vernon Mish on April 17, 2015 in Berkeley, WV; Archibald Hugh Ferguson  in Venice, FL on May 28, 2015; Duncan Stephens on May 30, 2015, in Woodbury, CT; Albert Sessions Redway in Woodbury, CT on June 24th; and Donald Oberdorfer in Washington, DC on July 23rd.

Class Notes for the PAW of July 8, 2015

            Our 63rd Reunion has just passed at the time of this writing. Included among those present for either the Executive Committee meeting or the P-Rade at Princeton were George Aman and wife, Ellen, Paul Benacerraf, "Put” Brodsky, Stokes Carrigan and wife, Diane, "Bud” Foulke and wife, Patricia, George Hambleton, Robert Jiranek,  Barry Loper and wife, Jean, Donald Malehorn and wife, Carol, Annette Merle-Smith, Bill and Mary Murdoch, Steve Rogers and wife, Kent, Hal Saunders and wife, Carol, Alexandra Tatnall, George Towner and Marilyn Gallagher. With our 65th Reunion approaching our Class Headquarters was at Forbes College.

            Please respond to Dave Smith’s memos concerning our Mini Reunion at Princeton October 1-4. It should be great fun!

            Hal Saunders writes that he and Carol are in their new apartment as of November 21 at the Vinson Hall retirement community in McLean, Virginia. He is still working but has been laid up following a recent trip to Moscow.  He remains as Chairman of the Board of the Sustained Dialogue Institute and also as Director of International Affairs of the Kettering Foundation. He and Carol also had the unexpected pleasure of enjoying New Year's Day dinner with Ernie and John Peak from La Jolla, CA, who had flown east to visit John's recently widowed sister-in-law who also lives in Vinson Hall

           We learned from Frederic Kaufman that after 25 years in our New London, NH house he and wife, Carolyn, have moved to a retirement facility in Marietta, GA to be closer to their families.  They will miss seeing the Dartmouth games.

            REQUIESCANT - The Class has learned of the deaths of Robert R. Edsall of Bandera, TX on March 10, 2015, of Edward D. Gregory, Jr. of West Chester, PA on April 11, 2015, of William V. Healey in Westworth Village, TX on April 30, 2015, and of Martin C. Battestin in Charlottesville, VA on May 15, 2015

Class Notes for the PAW of June 3, 2015

Doug Hardy wrote to thank us for the birthday card which was a little more invigorating than the one he received from his wife, Joan, which read - "Older, wiser . . . and probably ready for a nap". They moved this past summer to a condo in Brunswick ME.He currently volunteers at the local Habitat for Humanity and is trustee at his local church.

Duncan Stephens, let us know that he was having trouble with COPD but still sings in the Barbershop Chorus in Woodbury, CT, attends Rotary meetings, and lends support as one of the founding 8 to The Denan Project which has built hospitals, and had other projects in Denan, Ethiopia.  He says read more about this Project at

Lucius Wilmerding writes that he still enjoying life overlooking the Connecticut shoreline where River meets the Sound. Cheers for 2015 and 1952. 

Irvin Cohen, Jr. also writes from Portland, ME to say healthwise he is - and feels - in good shape, apart from his Parkinson's, which prevents him from walking as far and as fast and he used to be able to do. He tries to keep busy doing volunteer work, taking adult ed courses, keeping up with his reading of literature in German, going to a gym, etc.

Phil May reports that he now uses a walker. While he has difficulty traveling or going out at night he is blessed by having his wonderful wife, Gloria, still with him after 49 years. He loves keeping up with family and friends by phone but hasn’t joined the modern internet age.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates: Klaus T. Rifbjerg of Denmark on April 4, 2015; Paul D. Piret of Panama City FL on April 9, 2015; and Charles H. Hemminger of Northampton, MA on April 15, 2015.

Class Notes for the PAW of May 13, 2015

            Received a note from Mal Cleland who reported that other than the little aches and pains that go with advanced age, all is well in Colorado.

            Classmate James A. Baker, former secretary of state (1989–1992) and treasury (1985–1988), returned to the Princeton campus in October to deliver the inaugural lecture of the Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies. In an article titled "A Long Hard Slog” the PAW of November 12, 2014 PAW carries an interview with Jim concerning the fighting with ISIS in the Middle East.

            George Aman reports that the Philadelphia regional group that also included Stokes Carrigan got together with guest Jack Bogle ’51 who talked about his recent book "The Clash of Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation”..

            With news from Massachusetts  Fred Alling wrote to let us know that he was enjoying his elder years with his three daughters and their families nearby. He enjoys sailing with sons-in-law and with wife Martha here in "paradise".

            Also received an email from the PAW highlighting Classmate George Gowan's latest book, "Talk of Many Things" where George shares a generous amount of anecdotes from people and places he had met along the way since his birth in Italy.

            Roy Lawrence has alerted us to a recent book by Classmate Gerald Bentley, dean of Blake scholars, titled "William Blake in the Desolate Market”.  The book, by Bentley, is an investigation of Blake's labors to support himself by his arts.

            REQUIESCANT; The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates: John Lee who died on March 13, 2015 in Freehold, NJ; John F. Bryan who died in New York, NY on March 20, 2015; and Charles Schaefer who died on March 23, 2015 of Lafayette Hill, PA.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW April 22, 2015

Steve Rogers and George Towner attended theSustained Dialogue Institute’s dinner event, "From Camp David to Global Dialogue" at the National Press Club on September 29th. The Institute is one of the Class of 1952's Enduring Marks, Steve also provided a photo of Hal Saunders giving his presentation.

Ed Tiryakian reported that on October 27 the Triangle Area group had its fall luncheon in Durham. Present, for a record attendance, were Banks Anderson and wife Nancy, Bob Jiranek and wife Nan, Paul Lindsay and wife Caroline, Bob Eby, Paul Troutman, Nan Weiss (widow of Bert Weiss). Also present were two Princeton associates: Don Rosenberg '64 (guestspeaker) and Clark Havighurst '60.

A very interesting story with pictures came fromBill and Mary Murdoch. Their note told of the dedication of their family totem pole which is regarded as a group symbol and as a protector of the members of the group.. The background of the story is that Mary’s father in 1948 purchased a 3.5 acre island in the Upper French River in Ontario Canada where the Murdoch family has vacationed each summer since. A few year ago they came across totem pole in the shop of a local Indian woodworker, Marty Restoule, a member of the Dogkis Reserve. The totem pole, which is displayed in pictures on the Class website, contains three emblems - a turtle, a loon and an eagle - each of which represent the Indians relationship to their land.

Don Malehorn and wife, Carol, along with Hoby Kreitler and wife, Sally, joined the Murdochs this past summer along with the totem pole’s creator and his family to dedicate the pole which is displayed at their Canadian home as the bond of unity within the Murdochfamily.


The Class has learned of the deaths of Classmate: Mitchell Millsof York, PA, on February 02, 2015 in Mount Joy, PA.

Class Notes for April 1, 2015

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

                Steve Rogers and George Towner attended the Sustained Dialogue Institute "From Camp David to Global Dialogue" dinner event at the National Press Club on September 29th  Steve provided for the website a photo of Hal Saunders giving his presentation at the event..  

                Bob Jiranek submitted for the website a photo showing Classmate Ben Moore and Jana Zmolikova at the Seabrook Island Club in Charleston, SC. Jana lives in Prague and is Bob Jiranek's cousin. Ben is in the process of forming The Princeton Club of Charleston.  George Hambleton and his wife Diane, Bob & his wife, Nan, and Judy & Ben Moore entertained Jana at lunch.

                 The Secretary  has been advised of a new book by George Gowen called "Talk of Many Things: Law, Sports, Politics, Nature" which was published June 3, 2014. There is a review on Class Authors page.

                 Also it was reported by George Aman that Classmate Dick Riordan has written a book called "The Mayor, How I turned Around Los Angeles After Riots, an Earthquake and the O J Simpson Murder Trial”. There is also a review of Dick’s book on Class Authors page of the website

                 We received a note from Irvin Cohen reporting that overall he is doing well, except that Parkinson's has reduced how far and how fast he can walk. His wife and their children and grandchildren are also doing well.  He tries to keep as busy as he can but he finds that he is embarrassed to say that sometimes he has to fall back on crossword puzzles.  C'est la vie!

                Matt Werth has advised of the death of his wife Murrell Rickards "Ricky" Werth on October 7th and  Ben Harer has advised of the death of his wife Pamela on July 1st. They began dating when he was a senior at Princeton.

                 Stokes Carrigan let us know that Stokes B. Carrigan V was born April 1, 2014.  Stokes says that he doubts that he will be around when No V applies to Princeton in 2031.

 Class Notes for March 18, 2015

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

           Frank Harvey sent us word that after his wife, Robbin, passed away in December 2012 he moved to a retirement home. He writes that he still hopes to make a Reunion in the future.


            On August 6, 2014, Classmate Pat Russell’s family played a big part in the Quadri centennial Parade celebrating the arrival of Capt. John Smith on Monhegan Island, Maine which featured an articulated lobster dance. The lobster was designed and constructed by Philip Christian Russell, Pat’s son. His wife, Nan, and many of his children and grandchildren assisted with the lobster’s movements during the parade. Pat’s granddaughter Micah, led the parade playing her violin.


            We heard from Lucien Winegar that he finally retired after 20plus years in the military, , Law school, and 37 years practicing law.  He and his wife Anna winter in Leesburg Florida


            Elizabeth [Mrs. Fred] Atwood w’52 took time to write us that she is enjoying an active life and visits from her three sons and one daughter.  Ten grandchildren, three of whom are in college - Tufts, Cornell, and University of Chicago.  Unfortunately no Princetonians!


            Fred Mann reports that he had to give up tennis due to some neuropathy in his legs, He says that he is getting exercise via kayaking on Tomales Bay and flycasting at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and loving both activities.


            Steve Rogers let us know that he and wife Kent traveled the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Portugal during two weeks in September. They hiked short stretches to give them an idea of what Martin Sheen experienced in the fine movie "The Way." Later in September they went to California for the wedding of their younger daughter Julie


            The Class has learned of the death classmate  C. Marshall Lowe on January 2, 2015 in Columbus, OH.

Class Notes for March 4, 2015

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly


            Colden Florance reports that he was honored to give the Commencement Address this past Spring to the School of Architecture at the University of Maryland. Tell ‘em Coke!!


            W. Banks Anderson sends a note that he and wife Nancy have downsized, like many of us, to a CCRC [Continuing Care Retirement Community] in Durham North Carolina.  They moved in June and their cottage guest bedroom has already been in use several times.


            Harry Brightman writes to tell us that he sold his home in Sanibel Florida in April. He also reports that he has a new great grandson Mavrik Patelia.  He is dealing successfully with the early early stages of Parkinson. He has lost 45 lbs and is now within 5 pounds of his June 1952 weight! Good Man!!


            We learned from Mark Crane that his wife of 58 years, Constance,  died in May.  He now lives in The Mather, a retirement community in Evanston. It is close to downtown, Northwestern University, and Lake Michigan and he is kept busy by his many friends.


            Finally we received a number of reports from Jim Melchert, It appears that he was commissioned to make a ceramic tile mural for the San Francisco airport which was installed in October.  It's made of  broken and glazed porcelain tiles and measures 6' x 14'. He has titled it "Riven/River". It's located in a new corridor connecting Terminals 1 and 2 for passengers who must cross from one to the other without leaving Security. For those of us who are not in San Francisco please check "Notes to the Secretary (12/17/14) on the Class website for a picture.




            The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates:  Harry G. Burks, III of Montgomery, TX on July 17, 2014; Daniel M. Duffield, Jr., on December 25, 2014 in Nags Heard, NC.


Class Notes for February 4, 2015

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

            Ed Tiryakian emailed that on July 13-19 he attended a World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama, Japan. While there he  took the occasion to visit the Peace Museum in the midst of modern Hiroshima, which was 90% destroyed on August 6, 1945. A very moving experience."


            Hal Saunders writes that he and Carol were joining a long line of classmates moving out of a home of 37 years and moving into a new independent living apartment community founded by Navy widows after World War II a mile from our present home.   It's a daunting process.


            We learned from Herb Hedick that his wife Joan, died in May near their winter home in Sarasota having been under care for Alzheimer's disease for some time.  They were married in 1952, and had 62 great years together.


            George Aman and Ellen have also moved to a retirement community and are now enjoying the good life in what former Class president John Clutz called a "wrinkle farm"


            Class President "Put” Brodsky sent along a picture of his boat, a 21 foot Ranger Tug - my "Princeton Navy", named "Tiger".  Put said that he was a life long sailor but decided a few years ago to switch to power - less work.  He misses sailing but this gets him out on the water and it's big enough to take a few friends along.

            The Class has learned of the deaths of the following classmates:  John Alfred LaGrua, Jr., on October 4th in New York City; Ralph Kurt Pfeiffer on October 30th in Stuart, FL; Robert Leslie Stott, Jr., on November 10th in Vero Beach, FL; Alberto Jose Gonzalez on November 17th in San Jose, Costa Rica; William Brewster Purdy on November 26th in Norfolk, VA; John Rodes Helm on November 29th in Montclair, NJ, and Robert Biggar Oakley on December 10th in Washington, DC.

Class Notes for January 7, 2015

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

            If you were to Google the Franklin and Marshall College website and type in Mueller Fellows you would learn of a wonderful program initiated by our own Paul Mueller where distinguished individuals are invited to the Franklin & Marshall campus to deliver a public speech and spend meaningful time with students by staying on campus for more than one day attending classes and meet informally with students. Good work Paul!!


            For those of you who follow the Class website you have undoubtedly seen the video of Ted McLure and his grandchild, Jessica, and their bungee jumping exploits in New Zealand. Ted has also been sky diving as well. Check it out.


            Robert Hellwarth writes to tell us that he is still a full-time Professor of EE and Physics at University of Southern California where our son William just finished his B.A. in Cinema.  My wife of 29 years, Theresia de Vroom, is still a Professor of English at Loyola-Marymount University (Los Angeles).  They have been in their house in Santa Monica for 31 years. 


            Roger McLean writes to report that he and  Latie had to skip the mini-reunion in Sandwich because they were visiting London and Paris with two of their granddaughters , Avery 15 and Eliza 12. The girls took an afternoon off to visit Madam Tussaud's Waxwork Museum and then headed for a show with their favorite rock stars. As Roger says these kids are two steps ahead of us.


            Ramsey Michaels sent a note from Portsmouth, NH that his wife Betty passed July 17th just two weeks shy of their 60th Anniversary. He is being supported by his four children and many grandchildren. After securing a Th.D. from Harvard he spent many years teaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts and Southwest Missouri State University before retiring. The listing of books he has published is lengthy.

Class Notes for December 3, 2014

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

            Received word from Robert A. Johnston that since he retired in 2000 from being an internist-endocrinologist he and his wife Nancy have enjoyed being together, traveling, and taking care of the children. Health-wise they are doing well except for his memory loss and some balance problems which seems to be improving.


            We heard from William "Larry" McNichols that he had taken a whirlwind, one-day trip to Washington, DC, on October 29, 2013, on the 1st Nebraska "Korean War Honors Flight" of 135 vets, plus some helpers.  He felt it was a most memorable moment - cheering crowd (plus pep band) when they returned.  It was a welcome none of us received over 60 years ago.


            C. Robert Bell, Judge in the 18th Judicial District of Kansas, lets us know that he has been busy performing his duties as a Ruling Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach, FL since his retirement from the Court in 2000. In February, he traveled back to Hutchinson, KS, where he was installed on his high school Wall of Honor.


            We learn from Robert C. Doherty, that he had the rare opportunity this past spring to have two of his granddaughters square off against each other in the Yale/Princeton Women's Lacrosse game.  Christina [Yale '15] and Anna [Princeton '17].  Fun stuff!  Princeton won.


            Learned from Colin McAneny, after a long career as a geologist, that he is now serving as a volunteer for Serenity Premier Hospice in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


          Roger McLean reports from Maine that classmate John Parker went "over the edge" on a rainy day and rappelled 173 feet down from Portland's tallest building for a local youth outdoor action organization.  As the oldest participant, John raised over $2,000 for charity from Roger and his other friends and family.


            Finally please remember the change in my address for notes and dues and to check the website.

Class Notes for Publication in PAW November 12, 2014

John Sprague writes that he, together with his cousin, Peter, have written a review of "The Birth of Electric Traction", by Frank Rowsome, Jr. a biography of their grandfather, Frank Julian Sprague. The book had been commissioned by John’s father and grandmother but the manuscript had become became lost. John’s cousin, Peter, finally located the manuscript and brought it to publication with added illustrations and a valuable appendix. John feels that the book has finally brought his grandfather to life as an extraordinary human being. A great story.

Over the past ten years Phil McMaster and wife Betsy have hosted a February Princeton party in Providence, RI, just before the Princeton-Brown basketball game. All Princetonians have been welcome, and the Class of 1952 has been well represented by Chuck Carpenter, Irv Cohen, Phil McMaster and Pat Russell.

All of us remember ‘52's great tennis duo of Chuck DeVoe and Gill Bogley. Gil writes to say that it is hard to believe Princeton's GREATEST EVER doubles player is gone. Gill says that he was so lucky to have Chuck Devoe as his partner for four years. That they never lost a match, singles or doubles, in four years was an extraordinary feat.

Jack Blessing sends a note that he and Phyllis are still reasonable healthy although he did recently tear his right rotator cuff playing tennis. Otherwise he engaged in taking courses at Dartmouth's Institute for Lifelong Education. and roots for Princeton whenever the Tigers teams come up to Hanover.


The Class has learned of the deaths of the following Classmates - Dr. Robert L. Goodale of Minneapolis died on July 17, 2014 at Minneapolis, Minnesota; Richard Sterling Porter died on August 24, 2014 at Topsham, Maine; John C. "Jack” Giordano, Jr. died on September 11, 2014 at Southampton, New Jersey ; and Howard B. Wentz, Jr. died on September 19, 2014 in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Class Notes for October 8, 2014

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

            Please note the change in your Secretary’s mailing address. I appreciate all items that you send. We try to get them on the website the same day. Their use in this column is naturally delayed considerably.

            Received a couple of notes from Al Gilgen who let us know that following NROTC at Princeton and a stint in the Navy he secured a PhD in Psychology at Michigan State and then went on to Chair the Psychology Department at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. He and his wife Carol had three children, Jim, Bert and Beth who also live in Cedar Falls. Carol passed away in 2011 and he has been devoting his time to writing a memoir and a manuscript concerning issues in American Psychology. He uses email to maintain countrywide contact with Norm Gilbert in Michigan, Bill Gough in California and Ben Harer in Seattle Washington.

            Malcolm Powell reports that he and Andrea are still enjoying good health and family fun with 13 grandchildren. They are in process of downsizing their home but are  planning to continue to stay on in the San Francisco Bay Area. Any classmates traveling to the Napa Valley would be most welcome to come calling (as long as they are still there and the earthquake hasn’t hit them). Andrea has extensive gardens to show.

            Herbert Kauffman has let us know that as an Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology, Pharmacology and Microbiology, he lives in Sarasota Florida with wife Maija and loves it.  He consults as an expert on product liability & patents, and also with pharmaceutical companies.  He also has some patents that he is working on including one for eye drops that would eliminate reading glasses.  He and Maija had three children - an MD, a PhD, and an MD. PhD.  All doing well. Sounds like a good life!

Class Notes for September 17, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

            As those of you with computers have noticed, all communications from Classmates are being posted on the upgraded website the day they are received. All of you have been most cooperative not only in telling your stories but including photos and in one case videos as well. So in a sense what is set out below could be said to be "old news”. But I shall do my best to provide news to the Non Techies as well.

             Dave Smith put together his second Mini of the year on Cape Cod. Arriving Sunday June 15th to avoid weekend traffic everyone registered at the historic Dan’l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA. Our stay included trips to Sandwich Glass Works, the Heritage Museum and Gardens and the Wing Fort House, Plimoth Plantation as well as a visit to Plymouth Rock. The visit concluded with the usual dinner in Class attire.

             Attending were:  Hale Bradt and Dorothy, Chuck Carpenter and Sally,  Gilbert Dunham and Abby, Chuck Hemminger and Janet, Bob Jiranek and Nan, Hobey Kreitler and Sally, Barry Loper and Jean, Don Malehorn and Carol, Paul Mueller and Jane, Steve Rogers and Kent, Dave Smith and Lois, and George Towner.

             Frank Harvey, reports that his wife Robbin who enjoyed our reunions passed away in December of 2012 and that he has moved to a retirement community. 

            The news from Frank Sparrow is that he is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his heart transplant -- still going strong.

            Louise (Mrs. Walter) Jensen, thanks the Class for the PAW subscription and reports that Walter's grandson, Mark Stone, is enrolled with the Princeton Class of 2014, and is a recipient of a NASA aeronautics scholarship. 

            Gordon Lamb writes that, having hung up his helmet and goggles after 62 years and 6,000+ hours, and after 50 years on Wall Street, he and wife Anita and have become Florida residents.

REQUIESCANT. The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: Robert C. Johnston on June 1st in Princeton, New Jersey and Charles Twigg Myers on June 14th in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Class Notes for July 9, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Our 62nd Reunion has come and gone with a goodly number of the "tried and true” returning to Princeton and joining in the celebrations. This included the following classmates: George Aman, Joe Bolster, "Put” Brodsky, Stokes Carrigan, Bud Foulke, Bob Lamperti, Barry Loper, Don Malehorn, John Moore, Mary Murdoch(H52), Bill Murdoch, Geoff Nunes, "Poss” Parham, Steve Rogers, Hal Saunders, Alexandra Tattnall (W52), and George Towner.

At the Class Executive Committee meeting the updated Class website was demonstrated for the group by webmasters Steve Rogers and George Towner. The Class now has the capability of adding your notes and photos the website the day they are received. The link to the website is The new site home page starts off with a photo of the ten classmates who participated on the Mini-Journey on the Mississippi which traveled north from New Orleans to Vicksburg and back. Participating were John Weber, Walter Culin, Put Brodsky, Paul Mueller, Don Jack, Ben Moore, Robert Lamperti, Bill Jannen, Geoff Nunes, and Dave Smith. Dave Smith contributed a detailed article about the adventures of the group.

We have included photos of Ted McClure bungee jumping with his grandaughter in New Zealand and also a picture of John Parker rappelling 173 feet down the side of a building to raise money for charity. Please send in your stories and photos!! Detailed Memorials not limited by the PAW 200 word limit are also included with extra space for comments by Classmates or family members who desire to add their thoughts.

REQUISECANT. The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates: George Moses Knebel, Jr., on April 28th in Columbia, SC; Thomas Spencer Knight, Jr., May 4th in Greenwich, CT; George Cochran Denby, May 7th in Wilmington, NC; Samuel Wilson Pringle, Jr., on May 11th in Lansdowne, VA; J. Edgar Thomson "Jet” Rutter, on May 31st in Newport Beach, CA; and Robert C. Johnston, on June 1st in Princeton, NJ.

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