Class Notes 2014

Class Notes for December 3, 2014

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Received word from Robert A. Johnston that since he retired in 2000 from being an internist-endocrinologist he and his wife Nancy have enjoyed being together, traveling, and taking care of the children. Health-wise they are doing well except for his memory loss and some balance problems which seems to be improving.


We heard fromWilliam "Larry" McNichols that he had taken a whirlwind, one-day trip to Washington, DC, on October 29, 2013, on the 1st Nebraska "Korean War Honors Flight" of 135 vets, plus some helpers. He felt it was a most memorable moment - cheering crowd (plus pep band) when they returned. It was a welcome none of us received over 60 years ago.


C. Robert Bell, Judge in the 18th Judicial District of Kansas, lets us know that he has been busy performing his duties as a Ruling Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church of Vero Beach, FL since his retirement from the Court in 2000. In February, he traveled back to Hutchinson, KS, where he was installed on his high school Wall of Honor.


We learn fromRobert C. Doherty,that he had the rare opportunity this past spring to have two of his granddaughters square off against each other in the Yale/Princeton Women's Lacrosse game. Christina [Yale '15] and Anna [Princeton '17]. Fun stuff! Princeton won.


Learned fromColin McAneny, after a long career as a geologist, that he is now serving as a volunteer for Serenity Premier Hospice in Vicksburg, Mississippi.


Roger McLeanreports from Maine that classmateJohn Parkerwent "over the edge" on a rainy day and rappelled 173 feet down from Portland's tallest building for a local youth outdoor action organization. As the oldest participant, John raised over $2,000 for charity from Roger and his other friends and family.


Finally please remember the change in my address for notes and dues and to check the website.

Class Notes for October 8, 2014

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Please note the change in your Secretary’s mailing address. I appreciate all items that you send. We try to get them on the website the same day. Their use in this column is naturally delayed considerably.

Received a couple of notes from Al Gilgen who let us know that following NROTC at Princeton and a stint in the Navy he secured a PhD in Psychology at Michigan State and then went on to Chair the Psychology Department at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. He and his wife Carol had three children, Jim, Bert and Beth who also live in Cedar Falls. Carol passed away in 2011 and he has been devoting his time to writing a memoir and a manuscript concerning issues in American Psychology. He uses email to maintain countrywide contact with Norm Gilbert in Michigan, Bill Gough in California and Ben Harer in Seattle Washington.

Malcolm Powell reports that he and Andrea are still enjoying good health and family fun with 13 grandchildren. They are in process of downsizing their home but are planning to continue to stay on in the San Francisco Bay Area. Any classmates traveling to the Napa Valley would be most welcome to come calling (as long as they are still there and the earthquake hasn’t hit them). Andrea has extensive gardens to show.

Herbert Kauffman has let us know that as an Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology, Pharmacology and Microbiology, he lives in Sarasota Florida with wife Maija and loves it. He consults as an expert on product liability & patents, and also with pharmaceutical companies. He also has some patents that he is working on including one for eye drops that would eliminate reading glasses. He and Maija had three children - an MD, a PhD, and an MD. PhD. All doing well. Sounds like a good life!

Class Notes for September 17, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

As those of you with computers have noticed, all communications from Classmates are being posted on the upgraded website the day they are received. All of you have been most cooperative not only in telling your stories but including photos and in one case videos as well. So in a sense what is set out below could be said to be "old news”. But I shall do my best to provide news to the Non Techies as well.

Dave Smith put together his second Mini of the year on Cape Cod. Arriving Sunday June 15th to avoid weekend traffic everyone registered at the historic Dan’l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA. Our stay included trips to Sandwich Glass Works, the Heritage Museum and Gardens and the Wing Fort House, Plimoth Plantation as well as a visit to Plymouth Rock. The visit concluded with the usual dinner in Class attire.

Attending were:Hale Bradt and Dorothy,Chuck Carpenter and Sally,Gilbert Dunham and Abby,Chuck Hemminger and Janet,Bob Jiranek and Nan,Hobey Kreitler and Sally,Barry Loper and Jean,Don Malehorn and Carol,Paul Mueller and Jane,Steve Rogers and Kent,Dave Smith and Lois, and George Towner.

Frank Harvey, reports that his wife Robbin who enjoyed our reunions passed away in December of 2012 and that he has moved to a retirement community.

The news from Frank Sparrow is that he is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his heart transplant -- still going strong.

Louise (Mrs.Walter) Jensen, thanks the Class for the PAW subscription and reports that Walter's grandson, Mark Stone, is enrolled with the Princeton Class of 2014, and is a recipient of a NASA aeronautics scholarship.

Gordon Lamb writes that, having hung up his helmet and goggles after 62 years and 6,000+ hours, and after 50 years on Wall Street, he and wife Anita and have become Florida residents.

REQUIESCANT. The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates:Robert C. Johnstonon June 1st in Princeton, New Jersey and Charles Twigg Myers on June 14th in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Class Notes for July 9, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

Our 62nd Reunion has come and gone with a goodly number of the "tried and true” returning to Princeton and joining in the celebrations. This included the following classmates:George Aman, Joe Bolster, "Put” Brodsky, Stokes Carrigan, Bud Foulke, Bob Lamperti, Barry Loper, Don Malehorn, John Moore, Mary Murdoch(H52), Bill Murdoch, Geoff Nunes, "Poss” Parham, Steve Rogers, Hal Saunders, Alexandra Tattnall (W52),andGeorge Towner.


At the Class Executive Committee meeting the updated Class website was demonstrated for the group by webmastersSteve RogersandGeorge Towner.The Class now has the capability of adding your notes and photos the website the day they are received. The link to the website is The new site home page starts off with a photo of the ten classmates who participated on the Mini-Journey on the Mississippi which traveled north from New Orleans to Vicksburg and back. Participating wereJohn Weber, Walter Culin, Put Brodsky, Paul Mueller, Don Jack, Ben Moore, Robert Lamperti, Bill Jannen, Geoff Nunes,andDave Smith. Dave Smithcontributed a detailed article about the adventures of the group.


We have included photos ofTed McClurebungee jumping with his grandaughter in New Zealand and also a picture ofJohn Parkerrappelling 173 feet down the side of a building to raise money for charity. Please send in your stories and photos!! Detailed Memorials not limited by the PAW 200 word limit are also included with extra space for comments by Classmates or family members who desire to add their thoughts.


REQUISECANT.The Class has learned of the death of the following Classmates:George Moses Knebel, Jr.,on April 28thin Columbia, SC;Thomas Spencer Knight, Jr.,May 4thin Greenwich, CT;George Cochran Denby, May 7thin Wilmington, NC;Samuel Wilson Pringle, Jr.,on May 11thin Lansdowne, VA;J. Edgar Thomson "Jet” Rutter,on May 31stin Newport Beach, CA; andRobert C. Johnston, on June 1stin Princeton, NJ.

Class Notes for June 4, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly



Ted McClurereports that he spent 10 days in the south island of New Zealand where his granddaughter, Jessica, had finished a semester of study at the University of Otago. In Queenstown they both did the Nevis Bungy Jump which is 134 meters high. Quite a thrill. See class website for video


Lucius Wilmerdingwrites that in October he and Adela enjoyed an evening with Marge &Bob Warrenat The Goodspeed Opera in Haddam overlooking the lovely Connecticut River. In November they traveled to Kansas City where they spent a few days withPurd Wrightand his wife Peggy. While there they visited the new and architecturally exciting Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Bruce Macombersent along a note that he has been keeping busy tutoring at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, Middle School's after school study hall. He also served as a volunteer Assistant Librarian at Dunn School in Los Olivos, CA where he taught science from 1974 to 1997.


Sandy Zabriskiewrites that he and Margy travelled a lot in '13 - twice to Alaska, once to Colorado to see their daughter, and then to the family compound at Hancock Point on Maine coast across from Bar Harbor, then to Spain on a Grand Circle tour which he felt was very good, and finally to St. Bart's for 21st time to help out at the local church. He continues to be a long-range optimist though a short-range pessimist on questions of the kind of world/earth we're leaving to next generation.


We learned fromJohn Peakand his wife Ernestine are enjoying life in a retirement community on the ocean in La Jolla, CA. Sounds like a tough life!!


REQUIESCAT:The University has advised thatGeorge A. Nankervis Ph.D., M.D.died on April 8, 2014 in Akron, Ohio.


Class Notes for May 14, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly



ProfessorEd Tiryakianand his wife Josefina celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on September 6.Bob Jiranekand his wife Nan Freed joined family and friends.


Bruce Warrenreports from Connecticut that he has taken up painting with watercolors. He says that he is not much good at it but is having fun. He is still flying as a check pilot for the Coast Guard.


George Lambrakiswrites from London England that he is planning a return trip to Vietnam and Cambodia after some 60 years this Spring. It will be a first time trip for his wife Claude.


Malcolm Powellreports from Calistoga, California that he is busy with his seven children and wife Andrea's five together with 12 grandchildren. They plan to downsize in 2014 see They are trying hard not to act their age!


Bob Hellwarthwrites from Santa Monica that he is still teaching full time at USC, but just managed to shed his last four Ph.D. students. His wife, Prof. Theresia de Vroom, is also still teaching at Loyola Marymount University. His son William is in his final undergrad semester at USC's cinema school.


Roger Berlindadvises that he is still working away at producing plays and musicals. He says he has never been busier but now his son William ’95 is working with him.


Frederick Kaufmantraveled from his home in New London, CT to Hanover to see the Dartmouth football game which had a sad result. Sat next toDick Pivirotto'sson, Richard ‘77 who mentioned how comfortingDick Kazmaierhad been when his own Dad died in '07.


REQUIESCANT:The University advised thatRonald Lee Kinneydied on March 3, 2014 in Novato, California.Bob Ebyreported thatThorton Benson "Ted” Morrisdied in Pittsboro, North Carolina on March 20, 2014.

It is

Class Notes for April 23, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

It is nice to learn that a classmate who has given great service to the community has been recognized.Barry Loperadvised that Isles, Inc. a Trenton non profit has created theBruce CoeCenter for Energy and Environmental Training which will provide "green collar” jobs for the underserved in New Jersey.


David Siegelreports from Painesville OH that even though both Alzheimers & palsy rule out his using computers with significant changes in his life style it possible for him to tolerate life & enjoy parts of it This past September he and wife Julia moved into assisted living quarters. Recently he was able to greet old friends and fellow Trustees at Lake Erie College when he joined his wife & daughter #1 at Founders Day celebrations.


Hobey Hendersonsent a great letter telling about his travel to England to attend his granddaughter’s wedding and how he and Elizabeth then traveled to the Provence region of southern France.


Porter Hopkinsalso sent a note reporting that he has enjoyed working with Ollie North's Freedom Alliance and has hosted several hunts with some of their wounded veterans He says "The Alliance also gets some financial support from me with what little I have left.”


Al Gilgensent a note stating that amazingly, life goes on, unfortunately without his wife Carol who died in 2011. He says that he is fortunate, however because both of his sons as well as his daughter with her family either live in Cedar Falls or nearby. He son Bert lives with him. The only classmate I correspond with regularly isNorm Gilbertwho sends me interesting e-mails from Michigan.”


REQUIESCANT. The Class has learned thatCharles Phelpsdied December 2, 2013 andWilliam Knoxdied on December 20, 2013

Class Notes for April 2, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly


A goodly number of classmates and spouses returned to the Princeton campus for the February 21-22 Alumni Day ceremonies as well as a meeting of the Class Executive Committee. Included in the contingent wereGeorge M. Amen, IIIand Ellen,Paul Benacerraf,Carl von E. "Jock” Bickertand Susie,Joseph L. Bolster, Jr. and Tink,John "Put” Brodsky,John R. Helm,Marshall B. Keatingand Judy Harper,Robert C. Lampertiand Clara,G. Quincey Lumsden, Jr.and Helene,Donald M. Malehornand Carol,Roger D. McLeanand Latie,William F. Murdoch, JrandMary Murdoch,Geoffrey Nunesand Clare,Stephen H. Rogersand Kent,Harold H. Saundersand Carol,Ed Tiryakian,andGeorge C. Towner, Jr.


A diagram of the home page for the newly designed Class website was shown to the Executive Committee. Hopefully the new site will be up and running by the time you read this. Check it


Benson Harerreports that the Explorer Club North West has given him its "Vancouver” award for work done with expeditions in Egypt over the past 30 years. This past fall he gave a talk to the Club titled "Women’s Health in Ancient Egypt”. Ben is Past President of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and as a sideline has specialized in ancient Egyptian medicine.


Bruce Warrensends in information that he is still flying search missions for the Coast Guard.


Alex Millsreports that he and Jane enjoyed a river cruise with family members from Amsterdam to Budapest to celebrate their 60thanniversary.


Dan Duffieldfinds himself a homeowner once again having purchased what he describes as a lovely house overlooking the Roanoke Sound which he shares with daughter Margaret and grandson David.


Coke Florancereported on a story in the October 2013 edition of the Washingtonian magazine about his son Andrew, Class of’76. Great Story!! Check it out!!

Class Notes for March 19, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

The Class Regional luncheons seem to be a big hit with classmates throughout the East. The Philadelphia group under the leadership of George Aman met on May 14th. Also attending were George M. Brantz, Stokes Carrigan and Tom Daubert, who has since passed on. Tom bequeathed his role as Class Cheerleader to Stokes.

The Washington DC group met on January 24th. The group included Steve Rogers, Harold Saunders, Quincey Lumsden, Barry Loper, John Brown and George Towner.

The Triangle Group led by Edward Tiryakian reports that attendees at their luncheon numbered sixteen including wives, children and a speaker. Classmates included Bill Pritchard, Paul Troutman, Bob Eby, Bob Doherty, Banks Anderson and Paul Lindsay.

Class President "Put” Brodsky finally made it back from the West Coast - a week on the Snake-Columbia River on a modern version of an old river steamer, thru gorgeous country - high desert to forested mountains, then a drive down the coast thru redwood and wine country, and last a chance to see some of the America's Cup racing - all with old medical friends from army days.

Max Ter Horst reports that his daughter, Eleanor (Nell) ter Horst who is associate professor of German & French in the Clarion University of Pennsylvania has won the North American Goethe Society's prize-essay contest of 2013.

Phil May reports that while he now uses a walker now he can still drive. He doesn’t go out at night, but does have many phone visits with friends. He had just talked to Al Ellis a few days earlier

Ray Baldwin sent a note with a philosophical tone that "If we are doing what we are used to doing then we are enjoying the good life!”

Requeiscat: We have learned from his daughter Grace, that classmate Harry Jeanes, died on January 9th in York Harbor, Maine.

Class Notes for February 5, 2014
As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

One of the unexpected pleasures derived from being Class Secretary is the letter I received on behalf of the Class from the University Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid. She listed the names of 22 undergraduates receiving financial aid as a result of the generosity of members of the Class of 1952. Classmates who have funded these scholarships are D. Robert Owen, Richard R. Pivirotto, John F. McCune, Julian Thomas Buxton, Sr., Donald Hogue Burnett, H. Brewster Atwater, Jr., John McGillicuddy, Rodney Burnett Cole, John D. Laupheimer, Richard W. Kazmaier, Jr. (in honor of his daughter Patricia J. Kazmaier ’86), Thomas I. Unterberg, Philip B. Hill, Edgar M. Masinter, Bruce A. Beery, James A. Baker, III, Joseph L. Bolster, Jr., John R. Emery, and Jack B. Joyce. The University reports the market value of these scholarships is $10,394,880.16 and total income awarded for 2014 is $462,931.00 which is a 4.45% return. Further details about the scholarships and recipients are on the class webpage at

Our late classmate Richard W. Kazmaier was honored November 1st with a ceremony at McCosh 50 where friends and admirers spoke in recognition of Princeton’s only Heisman trophy winner. Class and teammates joined in the celebration on the field at half time of the Cornell game. The slide show depicting Kaz’s accomplishments that was presented at the event is now available for everyone to view on the Class website noted above.

Class Webmaster Steve Rogers and your Class Secretary are working to upgrade our website. Look for the page "Notes to the Secretary” where the items of information that you pass on to me are going to be recorded as we receive them.

REQUIESCANT - The class was advised of the deaths of Philip Burr on November 22nd in Arlington, VA and of Richard Orr on November 25th in Williamsburg, VA.

Class Notes for January 8, 2014

As submitted to the Princeton Alumni Weekly

On the health front we have had a number of reports which I guess should be expected at our ages. Thornton Morris's wife Rosalie, his wife of 62 years, sent a note sadly reporting that Ted is suffering Alzheimer's Disease.Because of military service "Ted” had three sessions at Princeton but chose '52. We wish them the best.

Irvin Cohen reports that he has been slowed down by Parkinson's but, "all things considered" shouldn't complain. He and his wife Jacki, have still been able to travel to visit their daughter and family in Exeter, U.K. He also saw classmate Cliff Barr in Boca Raton.

Ben Moore emails that following a cruise up the Inland Passage to Alaska with wife Judy, on the way back they stopped in Seattle, where they attended a great little Princeton gathering given for them by Eric and Kitty Merrifield. Jim and Barbie Crutcher were there as well.

Robert Stott reports that he is still living in and loving Vero Beach, Florida. During August while his wife Heidi was away, he was visited by both my sons David and Larry with their 5 children ranging in age from 15 to 2 who came to look after Dad. Two of the best weeks of his life !!

Bob Jiranek also reports that he is having success with Equs, Inc., a 501[c][3] public charity providing equestrian instruction for at-risk youth. "We have completed construction of The Chips Chester Arena Polo Field. Construction of the John S. Schmid Polo Barn began this September. The Arthur Collins Student Center is in the planning phase. The Center will be a memorial to 1952 classmates whose success in life will always inspire youth.”

REQUIESCANT - The class was advised of the deaths of F. Coit Johnson on July 26 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and of Parker Monroe on November 10th in Bradenton, Florida.


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